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Economic Development
Jax Daily Record Thursday, Oct. 29, 202004:00 AM EST

Development Today

These are the largest commercial building permits by job cost issued Oct. 27 by the city of Jacksonville.


  • River City on Main, 13283 N. Main St., contractor is The Douglas Co., 288,478 square feet, three permits for new apartment buildings, $25 million.


  • W.W. Gay Fire Protection Inc., 2230 Rosselle St., contractor is Charles Construction Group LLC, 4,800 square feet, tenant build-out and paint booth installation, $45,000.

Office, bank, Professional

  • Federal Bureau of Investigation, 6060 Gate Parkway, contractor is Combined Industries LLC, 1,000 square feet, canopy installation, $85,000.

School, Library, Other Educational

  • North Florida Educational Institute Corp., 6803 Arques Road, contractor is NSL Construction Ltd. Co., 6,500 square feet, install concession building, $150,000.


  • Bunker Hill Liquor, 796 Bunker Hill Blvd., contractor is Advanced Electrical Contractors Inc., two permits for wall signs, $2,400.
  • Bullseye Holsters, 6300 Yukon Road, contractor is Liberty Lighting Inc., wall sign, $2,200.
  • Bodegon Supermarket, 5808 Normandy Blvd., No. 17, contractor is Advanced Electrical Contractors Inc., wall sign, $1,800.
  • Jacksonville Sports Cards, 1370 Cassat Ave., contractor is Advanced Electrical Contractors Inc., wall sign, $1,800.
  • Beaches Vape & Smoke Shop, 3723 Southside Blvd., No. 3, contractor is CNS Signs Inc., wall sign, $1,500.
  • Hair Peace, 2540 Oak St., contractor is Harbinger LLC, wall sign, $1,000.

Stores, Mercantile

  • Porsche Jacksonville, 11211 Atlantic Blvd., contractor is John Merrill Homes LLC, 4,212 square feet, install shade canopy, $66,000.

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