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Jax Daily Record Wednesday, Nov. 7, 201212:00 PM EST

Development today


The Daily Record will regularly provide updates about building permits and development plans filed with the City and other agencies.

Hotel, motel, dormitory

• Sulzbacher Center, 611 E. Adams St., contractor is ACON Construction Co. Inc., 3,000 square feet, interior build-out of veteran's center, $139,800.


• Mayo Clinic, 4450 Mellish Drive, contractor is Danis Construction LLC, add equipment to existing central utility plant B, including new fire pump, chiller, cooling tower and two generators to accommodate future campus expansion, $1.87 million.


• Flagler Station, 14173-14183 Mahogany Ave., contractor is Pulte Home Corp., six townhouses, $1.2 million.

• Sweetwater Carriage, 11830 Surfbird Circle, contractor is Pulte Home Corp., eight-unit condominium, $780,000.

• Greenbrier, 6852-6858 Woody Vine Drive, contractor is Pulte Home Corp., four townhouses, $400,000.


• Seasons of Japan, 4413 Town Center Parkway, No. 201-203, contractor is D.A. Davison Contracting Inc., demolition of suite 201 and 203 for landlord's work to lease space as one unit, $8,900.

• Casbah CafĂ©, 3628 St. Johns Ave., contractor is Shaw Contracting Inc., replace entry door, $2,000.


• TriBridge Residential LLC and Jacksonville Town Center Venture LLC, 5290 Big Island Drive, contractor is The Roof Depot Inc., four permits, $326,476.

• Roofing, 12620 Beach Blvd., contractor is Axiom Contractors Inc., $200,000.

• Roofing, 3811 University Blvd. W., contractor is Commercial Coating Pros of Florida Inc., $88,720.

• Roofing, 6252 105th St., contractor is East Coast Systems Inc., $73,070.

• United Praise Ministries Church of God Inc., 1593 Helena St., contractor is Carlson Enterprises LLC, $24,500.

• Clara White Mission Inc., 2711 Edison Ave., contractor is Metro Property Services Inc., $16,400.

• A-B Distributors, 1365 Cassat Ave., contractor is Metro Property Services Inc., $14,375.

• Tressmark Inc., 10161 Atlantic Blvd., contractor is Commercial Coating Pros of Florida Inc., $7,500.

• Roofing, 136 E. Bay St., contractor is Remodeling Etc. Inc., $2,400.

School, library, educational institution

• San Pablo Baptist Church, DePaul School canopy, 3044 San Pablo Road S., contractor is Boree Canvas Unlimited Inc., rounded entrance canopy, $3,300.


• Holiday Inn, 9150 Baymeadows Road, contractor is Harbinger, $35,000.

• Baptist Health, 800 Prudential Drive, contractor is Taylor Sign & Design Inc., eight wayfinding signs, $12,000.

• Breakfast Brunch Lunch, for First Watch Restaurants, 11111 San Jose Blvd., No. 14, contractor is Advanced Awning & Design LLC, awning signs, $9,400.

• CVS/pharmacy 24 hours, 4893 Town Center Parkway, contractor is C&S Signs LLC, monument and wall signs, $6,000.

• 200 West Forsyth (and tenant names), 200 W. Forsyth St., contractor is Brown Enterprises, wall sign, $3,600.

• Pizza, 4765 Hodges Blvd., No. 2, contractor is North Florida Sign Co., for Papa Murphy's Take 'N' Bake Pizza, $1,500.

• CareMinders Home Care Your Comfort, Our Responsibility, 1832 University Blvd. S., contractor is Alderman Electric Co. LLC, ground sign, $1,300.

• Critical Actions Safety Center, 9951 Atlantic Blvd., No. 200, contractor is River City Sign Co., wall sign, $1,000.

Stores, mercantile

• 7-Eleven, 50 Kernan Blvd. N., contractor is Great Dane Petroleum Contractors Inc., 3,010-square-foot convenience store, fuel canopy and dumpster, $1.56 million.

• Crown Liquor, 10143 Beach Blvd., contractor is Ossi Contracting LLC, tenant build-out, $15,000.

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