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Jax Daily Record Friday, Jan. 20, 201212:00 PM EST

Five in Focus: Dr. James Fulmer


Baptist Health internal medical physician James Fulmer and his wife, Susan Gallo, launched a game of strategy called “Doctor Wars.”

It sells at Baptist Health gift shops and pharmacies and also at for $35. A portion of the proceeds will be donated to Baptist Health.

The goal is to collect the most points. Medical knowledge is not necessary. Players collect points by “treating” patients and “discharging” them from the hospital. The player or team with the most

points when all the patients have been discharged from the hospital wins.

What inspired you to develop this game?
I awoke one morning 10 years ago with an early version of the game in my head, based on the notion that doctors and nurses treating patients and moving them around the hospital was somewhat like moving pieces on a chess board. Getting rewarded for successfully treating the sickest patients was also part of the concept.

What will a patient learn by playing it?
Although there may be some medical jargon, “Doctor Wars” is meant to be entertainment. Since much of the medical field is knowledge-based and of a serious nature, I wanted to create something that was fun and challenging, but not dependent on medical knowledge.

What will other medical professionals learn?
I anticipate “Doctor Wars” will appeal to health professionals because they generally enjoy competition and challenges, and there are a lot of inside jokes they can laugh about.  For example, anyone who has ever worked in a hospital can appreciate that their nurse “token” has the power to keep opposing interns and residents (doctors in training) out of their hospital ward, and that some doctors outrank other doctors. 

What was the most difficult part of developing the game?
The most difficult part of development was finding the time in our busy days to work on the game.

Is there a second game in the making?
We envision an online version, an app, an interactive website and a more realistic multiplayer video game, as the board game matures. This is just the first in a series of games and other creative endeavors.

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