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Photo by Karen Brune Mathis - Jean Volk and her husband and son will open Which Wich to the public Friday. The shop is near Tinseltown in Southside. She stands at the counter where customers can custom-order their sandwiches by marking bags to show th...
Jax Daily Record Wednesday, Jan. 23, 201312:00 PM EST

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Which Wich opens Friday

Jean Volk was busy Monday at the Which Wich Superior Sandwiches shop she, her husband, Mark, and son, Brian, intend to open to the public Friday.

The interior of the Southside shop was set up and workers were putting on final touches inside and out, including a front sidewalk power-washing.

The Volks bought the Jacksonville franchise and will open the first store at 4352 Southside Blvd., No. 4, in the Tinseltown area. Jean Volk said in October they plan to open six restaurants in the next three to five years and are looking at River City Marketplace, Riverside, the Beaches, Orange Park, and Hodges and Beach boulevards, among other locations.

Patrons choose a brown sandwich bag and mark their orders with a Sharpie, specifying the ingredients they want. Customers can choose from more than 50 varieties of customized sandwiches. The sandwich is delivered in the bag.

Customers can choose a main ingredient among meats, fish, vegetarian, breakfast and other options. They then specify a choice of bread, sandwich size and toppings, such as cheese, spreads and sauces, mustards, mayos, dressings, onions, veggies and more, and oils and spices.

Customers put their names on the front and can decorate the back of the bag so they can watch it move down the preparation line.

The Which Wich chain is based in Dallas. The Volks moved in June from Tennessee to Jacksonville to start the local franchise. Their son, a recent college graduate, moved here to join them.

As reported in October, the build-out for the 1,500-square-foot shop was shown on a building permit application as $125,000. Three wall signs were put up at a cost of $2,400.

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