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Jax Daily Record Thursday, Jun. 14, 201803:07 PM EST

From the President: We’re halfway there, and it’s just begun

It is finally summer.
by: Realty Builder Staff Staff Writer

Dear Members,

It’s been a long time coming, but it is finally summer in Northeast Florida. Summer may have seemed a little slow getting here, but the halfway mark of the year arrived in the blink of an eye.

A look at our calendar reminds us how busy we have been with NEFBA-related activities, in addition to taking care of the day-to-day operations of our work, the responsibilities of maintaining a home and family and perhaps a little bit of a social life. NEFBA provides a chance to combine those components of our lives with some of our events, like an evening out at a Jumbo Shrimp game, the St. Johns Builders fishing tournament, the Clay Builders Christmas basket giveaway, and to some extent our golf events, sporting clays events and other regularly scheduled activities scattered throughout the year.

May has been a particularly active time in our calendar. We kicked off our 2018 membership drive on May 1, and teams had until May 23 to recruit as many new members as possible. At press time, teams were pressing toward the goal line and looking forward to the New Members Welcome celebration. Everyone put forth maximum effort to help us retain and improve our standing as the largest homebuilders association in Florida and fifth largest in the nation under the National Home Builders Association banner.

Our Apprentice Graduation was a high point of the year for me, the apprentice-sponsor companies and especially for the graduates of our four-year, work-and-learn program in four construction trades: carpentry, electrical, plumbing and heating and air-conditioning. NEFBA’s Apprenticeship Program is a life-changer for the graduates and their families, providing them career training with tuition paid by their sponsoring NEFBA-member companies, salaries with scheduled increases and top-of-the-line instructors. The program contributes to the overall economy by producing skilled construction workers to help meet the housing needs of Northeast Florida.

Having reached the halfway point in the year, I encourage you to mine the calendar for the events, activities, networking and socialization opportunities ahead. You may be attending the board meeting each month, perhaps a council or committee meeting also. Find a new area and drop in on a meeting to learn what that group is all about, to increase your technical knowledge on a specific subject and to perhaps find an area that needs you as much as you need it. The more involved you are, the more benefits you will reap from your membership. NEFBA offers benefits no one has thought to mention to you. That’s what I’m doing now — inviting you to go on a treasure hunt.

We are filled with anticipation as we look forward to the completion and open house of our new offices and location. Watch this space for details.

Thank you for your enthusiasm, participation and help. Without you, none of this would be possible.


Chris Dostie

Dostie Homes

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