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Jax Daily Record Monday, Oct. 14, 200212:00 PM EST

The Jacksonville Bar Association supports D-FY-INCE


As you enter this month’s Jacksonville Bar Association’s monthly luncheon, there will be lots to see. As a member, you should take the time to stop by the various display tables in the pre-function area. You will notice a table from Jacksonville Area Legal Aid, a Member’s Benefit Table for members of the JBA, a box for the JBA’s food drive, and a table sponsored by the State Attorney’s Office and their D-FY-INCE program. Everyone should take special interest in this program.

As we all search for ways to help within our community and help our youth of today, most of us are unsure of a good way to become that helpful someone we all want to be. Here is a great way! Even if you have no time to give, stop by.

D-FY-INCE is a drug free youth incentive program which uses positive community incentives and peer pressure to influence young people to stay drug free. In D-FY-INCE, a student voluntarily takes a drug test to prove he or she is drug free. After the lab tests have been returned and have confirmed the student is, in fact, drug free, the student will sign a promise to remain drug free, receive a photo membership card, and that is when the fun starts. D-FY-INCE has joined forces with area merchants, such as Gingiss Formal Wear, Lake Shore Schwinn, and Chili’s Grill and Bar to offer discounts to these members. D-FY-INCE also provides these students with other great activities. On Thursday, they will take 500+ students to the fair at no cost to the student. After an evening of fun, games, and rides at the Jacksonville Agricultural Fair, the hope is that the teens will return to school to tell their friends the rewards which are reaped from being drug free. The program encourages young people to be proud to be drug free.

At this month’s JBA luncheon, D-FY-INCE will have coupon books from Papa John’s Pizza for sale for $5. The book is worth far more than the price and all of the money goes to support D- FY-INCE. If you have kids who love pizza, college students, or even if you will be dining on pizza this Sunday while watching a football game, what better and easier way to help in the lives of our youth?

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