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Jax Daily Record Monday, May 29, 200612:00 PM EST

Legal analyst elicits chuckles on wacky U.S. Laws


Special to the Daily Record

With the legal landscape being dominated by a glut of hard news, Americans are sorely in need of a quick chuckle on the “softer side of the law.” With this in mind, attorney Jeff Isaac offers this litany of laughable United States laws:

• In the city of Portland, people may not whistle underwater.

• In Norco, Calif., it is not permissible to carry a fish into a bar.

• In Wyoming, you may not take a picture of a rabbit from January to April without an official permit.

• In Los Angeles, it’s illegal for a man to beat his wife with a strap wider than two inches without her consent.

• In Nebraska, doughnut holes may not be sold.

• In Texas, when two trains meet each other at a railroad crossing each shall come to a full stop, and neither shall proceed until the other has gone.

• In West Virginia, no children may attend school with their breath smelling of “wild onions.”

• In California, it is forbidden to spit on the ground within 5 feet of another person.

• In New Jersey, it’s illegal to slurp soup.

• In Los Angeles, it is against the law to complain through the mail that a hotel has cockroaches, even if it is true.

• In Ventura, Calif. it is illegal to make “ugly faces” at dogs that are found “freely roaming the community”

• In Nebraska, if a child burps during church, his parent may be arrested.

• In Oregon, drivers must yield to pedestrians who are standing on the sidewalk.

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