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Jax Daily Record Wednesday, Dec. 26, 200112:00 PM EST

Mayor's boards keep City humming

by: Mike Sharkey

by Mike Sharkey

Staff Writer

When Audrey Moran was appointed as Mayor John Delaney’s Chief of Staff a little over a year ago, she assumed a job that came with many responsibilities. In addition to handling many of the day-to-day operations of the mayor’s office, Moran often represents Delaney at official functions and she is one of the major coordinators of the Better Jacksonville Plan.

She also took it upon herself to organize and oversee Delaney’s various appointed boards and commissions. All 42 of them.

“When I came on a year ago, one of my major projects was to review all the boards and commissions and make sure they were up to date,” said Moran. “A year later, we are almost there. It’s been an absolutely huge project.”

That may be a bit of an understatement. The 42 boards and commissions under the mayor cover everything from the Better Jacksonville Plan to the airport authority to children’s right to fitness. The largest group is the Better Jacksonville Plan Citizens Oversight Committee with 42 members. The smallest: the Equal Business Opportunity Advisory Committee with two members. In all, 543 people — less the handful on multiple boards or commissions — donate their time and energy to make Jacksonville a more pleasant place to live, work and raise children.

One of Moran’s first objectives was to make sure the boards and commissions were as up-to-date and as fully staffed as possible. What she found was incomplete groups and boards and commissions loaded with people whose terms had expired.

“We are very close to having every one of our boards and commissions full,” said Moran, adding that in addition to filling out several boards, she also had to tell a few folks to stop meeting. “We found a couple that had been abolished that were still meeting. The Recreational Advisory Board had been merged into the Mayor’s Council on Fitness and Well Being. They didn’t know they had been dissolved.”

Moran said the job was difficult at first and has kept her busy over the last year. Every week presents Moran with term expirations and resignations. Because of the kaleidoscopic nature of people in general and the mayoral boards, Moran and Delaney’s executive staff are always looking for people to fill voids. While they don’t advertise these openings, there is also no shortage of interested folks.

“It’s an ongoing process,” said Moran. “There’s not a month that goes by that we are not considering someone for a board or commission.”

According to Moran, the best way to find yourself on a board or commission is to simply convey this interest to the mayor via a cover letter and a comprehensive resume. Unlike a resume for a job that may include only the most pertinent of information, Moran said the executive staff is interested in everything people have done professionally, personally and civically.

“It’s good to include in the cover letter your areas of interest,” said Moran. “So many of our boards and commissions cover the gamut of society, the more information the better. The one-page resume rule doesn’t apply.”

Once an opening has been established and the candidates have been determined, the culling process begins. It’s not a marathon process, but positions aren’t filled by knee-jerk decisions, either. In fact, several entities like the Downtown Development Authority and the Jacksonville Economic Development Commission require extensive background checks before someone is officially appointed. And, Delaney always has a say in the matter.

“Nobody gets appointed without his blessing,” said Moran. “But, it is very much a collaborative effort between the executive staff and the City Council. More often than not, we consult with the current chairman of the board or commission to get a feel for the gap that needs to be filled. They might need someone with a legal background or feel they would like to add someone from the Westside.”

Agriculture Advisory Board

Robert Assaf, Frank Hipps, Jody Richards, Greg Tharp, Fuller Tresca, Eric Williams.

Art in Public Places Commission

Ann Baker, Jane Condon, Jeff Dunn, Charles Griggs, Vicky Lennon, Sallyn Pajcic, Robin Shepherd, Mark Shorstein, Martin Wander, Daniel Wynn, Alton Yates.

Better Jacksonville Plan Oversight Committee

Elnora Atkins, LaTrecia Baker, Flossie Brunson, Kenneth Charron, Richard Darby, Michael Dawkins, Kelly Elmore, Lucille Cortese, Wilfredo Gonzalez, Ernest Griffin, Eugenia Grubelic, Susan Hartley, Frederick Hartmann, Chris Hazelip, Ronald Jackson, Leslie Jean-Bart, Clyde Jennings, Curtis Johnson, E.M. Johnson, Keith Johnson, Ron Kalapp, Jennifer Kent, Diane Kerr, John Kiddy, Robert Klose, Ralph Malphurs Sr., Lee Martin, Barbara Mazer, Jean McCorkle, Carl Moore Jr., Joseph Mosley, Janetta Norman, Brian Paradise, James Richardson II, Jeremiah Robinson, Ron Salem, Bradley Straley, Angie Vanatter, Arnold Whisenant, Burdette Williams, Gary Williams.

Better Jacksonville Plan Financial

Administration Committee

Walt Bussells, Daniel Edelman, Wendell Holmes Jr., Bob Johnson, Sam Mousa, Cindy Stover.

Better Jacksonville Plan Project

Administration Committee

Walt Bussells, Joe Miller, George Robbins III, Charles Spencer,

Library Board of Trustees

John Falconetti, Anita Geiger, Joy Korman, Jane Lester, Estelle McKissick, Stephen Rosenbloom, Lanny Russell, Phyllis Tousey.

Civil Service Board

Elaine Coffman, Linda Ingham, Steve Ivey, William Johnson, Jack Nooney, Mark Tippins, John Wilkins.

Construction Trades Qualifying Board

Monica Alford, Rex Alumbaugh, Kristanna Barnes, Gary Burger, Doyle Carter, John Clarkson, David Gray, Harriett Jones, Richard Ludwig, Bob Mathews, David Pierson, Stanley Rupp, Rick Traylor, William Warden, Scott Wilson.

Cultural Council

Madge Bruner Hazen, Deanie Collier, Jackie Cornelius, Kaye Glover, Ann Hicks, Nancy Mahon, Connie Overton, Sallyn Pajcic, Robert Paul III, Ju’Coby Pittman, Robin Shepherd.

Cultural Service Grant Program

Doug Brown, Elizabeth Cline, Victor Cora, Sally Douglas, Alice Gartland, Carolyn Gentry, Suzanne Jenkins, Connie Overton, Robert Paul III, Ju’Coby Pittman.

Downtown Development Authority

Dave Auchter, Jim Citrano, Cynthia Griffin, Gerald Nichols, Robert Rhodes, Penny Thompson, Denise Watson (Auchter and Thompson are pending City Council approval).

Environmental Protection Board

Barbara Broward, John Burnsworth, Juanitta Clem, Aaron Hillard, William Knibbs, Carol Matthews, Dr. Todd Sack, Robert Shumer, Michael Templeton.

Equal Business Opportunity Advisory


Shere’e Bea, Eileen Parsons.

Fire Museum Advisory Board

Carol Alexander, Wayne Doolittle, Flo Hyman, Pat Lockett-Felder, Ralph Malphurs Sr., Jean McCorkle, Lerry Spinks, Hastings Williams Jr.

Historic Preservation Commission

Frank Ashton, Margaret Burnett-Sidman, Mark Keister, Frank Reinstine Jr., Ronald Scalisi, Kenneth Smith, Carolyn Williams.


(Mayor’s appointees)

Saniel Collins, James England, Michael Hightower, Ernie Isaac, Martha “Marti” Lanahan, Leroy Polite, John “Jake” Schickel.

Jacksonville Airport Authority

(Mayor’s appointees)

Jim McCollum, Charles Spencer, Jay Stein.

Jacksonville Children’s Commission

Barbara Darby, John Guns, William Hillegass, Clarance “Clancy” Houston, Betty Johnson, Howard Korman, Michael Munz, Franklin Stallwood, Polly Stein, Nathaniel Washington, Lydia Wooden.

Council on Elder Affairs

Hubert Aenchbacher, Gordon Boyer, Ivan Clare, Elizabeth Cobb, Almethia Davis, James Fortuna, Gerald Kissin, Virginia Losco, Helen Ludwig, Santa Mann, Chris Melonson, Frank Meyer, Frances Padgett, Lloyd Pearson Jr., Ellis Pope, Jean Price, Mozella Roux, Ralph Sistrunk, Betty Sledge, John Thomas, Frances Wagner,

Jacksonville Economic Development


Kathy Barco, Jim Citrano, Y.E. “Chipper” Hall, Susan Hartley (pending City Council approval), Rev. Fred Newbill, Lewis Silpin.

Jacksonville Housing Authority

Charles Commander III, Lawrence DeBow, Elizabeth Means, Walter June Mitchell, William Sulzbacher, Richard Weber.

Jacksonville Human Rights Commission

Martha Cummings, John Erstling, Lally Ferro, Charles Griggs, Leslie Hardy, Joan Haskell, Marcia Howard, Jeffrey Marks, Sandra Mousa, Janetta Norman, Ernesto Perez, Robert Richardson Sr., Madeline Scales-Taylor, Robert Slama, Thomas Slater, Gretcher van Aken, Gerald Weedon, Sister DeSales Wisniewski.

Jacksonville International

Development Commission

Babette Ashley, Lad Daniels, Rick Ferrin, Walter “Wally” Lee, Len Loving, Charles McBurney, Cheryl Murray, David Pesterfield, Maurice Pilver, Lena Roulaeu, Javier Salinas, Penny Thompson, Changjiang Zhao.

Jacksonville Seaport Authority

(Mayor’s appointees)

Jerry Davis, Thomas Jones Jr., William Mason III, Tony Nelson.

Jacksonville Transportation Authority

(Mayor’s appointees)

Cynthia Austin, Russell Healey, Marcia Howard, Jeff Jordan, John Peyton, Charles Sawyer, Aage Schroder.

Commission on TV and Motion

Picture Production

Michael Aanapolsky, Bruce Broder, Matt Carlucci, Patrick Coleman, Susan Hagaman, Ray Hays, Thomas Klechak, Dan Kossoff, Pepper Lindsay, Adam Marko, Robert Martin, Joyce Morgan, Donna Orender, Charles Pfarrer III, Al Rothstein, Teddy Turner, Elli Zimmerman.

Commission on the Status of Women

Sandy Barata, Barbara Benevento, Ann Cahill, Jackie Cornelius, Camille Crabtree, Vanessa Dari Boyer, Cindy Dobelstein, Jeanne Headley Goldman, Karen Green, Debra Kloppel, Suzanne Loving, Jean Mangu, Athena Mann, Joann Manning, Kathleen Bell McKenzie, Candace Moody, Rae Oliver, Janet Owen, Sally Parsons, Nia Rose, Ellen Siler, Mary Jo Thornton, Robin Wahby, Shirley Webb, Jacqueline Williams.

Council on Fitness Well Being

Melinda Benedict, Benny Davis, Martha File, Jon Fox, Rudy Geer, Arthur Green, Daryl Hawks, Terry Hayes, Tony Iaquinto, Anthony Iselborn, Douglas Kleiner, Scott Morton, Don Redman, Barbara Sanchez-Salazar, Stanley Sanford, William Sullivan Jr., Jaqueline Denise Trude, Mark VanAlstyne.

Mayor’s Disability Council

Lilleth Archibald, Toppy Carter III, Leslie Hardy, Dennis LaRusso, Theodore Latour, Robert Lee, Linda Lewis, Wilmar McDavid, Mark Roesser, Ronald Storn, Shari Weitzner, West Westmoreland, Andrea Williamson.

Hispanic American Advisory Board

Arthur Hernandez, Tomas Jiminez, Glorida Linares, Albert Lopez, Ricardo Morales Jr., Clark Vargas.

Preservation Project CAC

Barbara Broward, Dan Donaldson, Paul Harden, Jimmy Jenkins, Carol Matthews, Jim Overton, Pam Paul, Lanny Russell.

HIV Health SR Planning Council

David Andress, Robert Bencivenga, Tom Diamond, Teresa Dickerson, Bertha Dickinson, Frank Emanuel, Reginald Gaffney, Deadra Green, Dennis Hart, Dottie Hudson, Kathryn Leftwich, Diane Leonard, Elizabeth Means, Curtis Montgomery, Walter Morrison, Jacquelyn Nash, Robert Nichelson, Richard Niemann, Sue Osborne, Jean Pettis, Evelyn Phillips, Terri Poster Taylor, Mobeen Rathore, Granville Reed, Marie Riley, Patricia Sampson, Joseph Schnapp, Leon Seymore, Jackie Slaughter, Max Solano, Craigston Steele, Mary Stokes, Julie Studdard, Alan Tennenberg, Connie Tharp, Juanita Trice, Jeanne Ward, Derya Williams.

Mimi and Lee Adams Environmental

Advisory Board

Angela Bailey, Phillip Davis, Dan Donaldson, Barbara Drake, Jane Grogan, Robert Hamilton, David Jantz, Rahman Johnson, Thomas Jones Jr., Carol Matthews, Aileen Marie Miller, Brenda Miller, Ann Murphy, Brian Paradise, Don Pepe, David Porter, Daniel Richardson, Jessie Sammons, Tom Squires, Deborah Walters.

Northwest Economic Development Fund Advisory Committee

Omega Allen, Peter Anderson, Bobby Beavers, Gerri Betz Jackson, Robert Billups, Stephen Burnett, Nathaniel Davis.

Planning Commission

Ila “Jeanne” Creech, Gregory Dawson, Marvin Hill, Esmin Master, Jean McCorkle, Janetta Norman, Bruce Stutsman, Robert White, Jeanell Wilson.

Small Business Advisory Committee

Ted Alden, Lovella Fowler, Lois Gibson, Susan Hartley, Jan Hopfer, Jeff Jordan, Susan Leadbeater, Faye Rustin, Joseph Ryan, Jose Sabatier, Blair Wygle.

Sports and Entertainment Board

Bill Dorsey, Rodney Gregory, Larry Jaffe, Beverly Jelinek, Jim McCollum, Paul McCormick, Ron Salem, Charles Spencer, Bill Warner.

Subdivision Standards Policy

Advisory Commission

Gregory Clary, Michael Dalbertim, Edgar Hall, Donald Hinson, William Hood, Grady James Jr., Sean Kelly, James Manning, Lynn Westbrook, Harrid Zahir.

TRUE Commission

Tony Bates, Richard Berry, Elaine Burnett, Dan Davis, Bruce Glassman, Mike Hancock, Larry Jaffe, Louis Myers, Janetta Norman, Steve Risley, Ralph Saffy, Jerry Spinks, Leonard Stevens, Brad Straley, Clark Vargas.

Victim Assistance Advisory Council

Theresa Adlam, Linda Arklie, Donna Askew, Robin Bass, Mary Blake-Holley, James Brodie Jr., Gwen Chandler-Thompson, Judge Lance Day, Diane Goshorn, Roscoe Hager, Ray Holmes, Thomas Joyner, James Kowalski Jr., Donald LeClerc, Debra Lewis, Glenn Mitchell, Lisa Murphy, Kathy Pannell, Alvie Powell Jr., Ellen Siler, LeeAnn Summersgill, Deborah Thomas, Gretchen Van Aken, Anita Vorreyer-Hedges, Shirley Webb, Zann Williams, Earl Wright.

Greater Arlington Municipal Code

Enforcement Board

Ralph Bayne, John Ellis Sr., Christelle Gilmore, Elizabeth James, Keith Johnson, Helen Ludwig, Gail Melton.

North District Municipal Code

Enforcement Board

Grady Braddock, Rogers Cain, Ila “Jeanne” Creech, Lewis Deweese, Joe Forshee, Terry Matthews, Frank Meyer, Curtis Moore.

Northwest District Municipal Code

Enforcement Board

Cathy Barney-Newman, Richard Ceriello, Donald Scott Foster, George Leverett, Mark Miller, John Smith Sr., Lynette Thomas.

Southeast District Municipal Code

Enforcement Board

Patrick Archuleta, Ellen Butler, John Ellis II, Karl Jabour III, Tim Johnson, Edwin Pierce, Roy Reynolds, George Sedwick, Sam Silberstein.

Southwest District Municipal Code

Enforcement Board

Charles Bittner, Richard Cicero, Kenneth deGuzman, Edward Fewox, Sharon Long, William Purcell, Lucy Wallace.

Urban Core Municipal Code

Enforcement Board

Paul Fields, Arthur Frost, Kenneth Leigh, Jeanne Miller, Barney Spann, Andrew Trautmann, Jerry Uselman, George Brett Williams, Halie Williams-Bey.

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