Project Moon, Cart seek city incentives; would add total of 90 jobs

Companies would bring a total of 90 jobs to city.
Mar. 12, 2018

Two more code-named projects are in play in Jacksonville — projects Moon and Cart.

Moon is a financial services company that wants to add 50 jobs and Cart is a distributor of food and grocery items that wants to add 40 jobs.

The Office of Economic Development received permission Monday from the Mayor’s Budget Review Committee to introduce the legislation to City Council.

A project summary for Project Moon states that the company already employs 200 people in Jacksonville and plans to add 50 new financial services positions by December 2019 at an average wage of $52,396. 

Moon promises to invest at least $125,000 in IT equipment, furniture and other improvements to support the new hires. 

In exchange, it seeks a Qualified Target Industry Tax Refund grant of $250,000, or $5,000 for each new employee.

The city will be responsible for 20 percent of the grant, or $50,000, with the state picking up the rest. The grant is payable only after the jobs are created. 

According to the project summary, Project Moon is a financial services company with an existing Jacksonville facility.

The unnamed company wants to expand its presence in Jacksonville. 

The project summary says Project Moon has been awarded state and city incentives for a previous expansion at its existing but unidentified location and has met contractual performance measures to date.

The additional annual payroll in Jacksonville will be more than $2.6 million a year, excluding benefits.

With approval from the committee, Wendland said he will introduce legislation approving an economic development agreement for Moon.

As previously reported, Project Cart proposes to bring 40 jobs to an existing Northwest Jacksonville operation in exchange for a $40,000 Economically Distressed Area Targeted Industry Program Grant.

Cart is described as a wholesale distributor of food and grocery store items. The new Jacksonville jobs are expected to be relocated from other company locations.


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