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Jax Daily Record Monday, Mar. 4, 201904:40 AM EST

The Mathis Report: Thousands of homes: More details about Skinner site

“A broad range of housing types and price points” is planned for property at Butler and Interstate 295.

The 1,063-acre southeast quadrant owned by the Skinner family is proposed for thousands of residences and millions of square feet of commercial space.

The family submitted a request to the city to rezone the property at southeast Butler Boulevard and Interstate 295.

The project development plan states what is proposed:

About 4,600 dwelling units, 3.5 million square feet of nonresidential space, 30 acres for recreation open space, 150 acres of passive open space and 165 acres of public rights-of-way or private thoroughfares.

The Skinner property at Interstate 295 and Butler Boulevard. (Google)

“Within neighborhoods, a broad range of housing types and price points can bring people from all backgrounds and stages of life into daily interaction, strengthening the personal and civic bonds essential to an authentic community,” says the planned unit development application.

The Skinners envision development “as a walkable, mixed-use community” comprising district neighborhoods featuring a mixed-use village center next to predominantly residential neighborhoods.

The PUD lists seven “character areas”: Natural preserve, neighborhood, neighborhood estate, general mixed transition, general residential transition, village center and regional commercial.

“Many activities of daily living can occur within walking distance of the homes and businesses within a five to 10-minute walk from the village center,” says the application.

“This will allow independence to those who do not drive, especially the elderly and the young. An interconnected network of streets is designed to encourage walking and reduce the number and length of autonomous trips, minimizing the impact to adjacent thoroughfares and the environment,” it says.

The Skinner family said it is negotiating with two buyers for the property chosen after careful review.

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