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Jax Daily Record Tuesday, May 15, 201811:30 AM EST

Tips for building your real estate brand

From social media to news releases to just picking up the phone, you can build relationships and your business.
by: Andrew Warfield Staff Writer

Looking for more real estate marketing trends? The website offers some high-tech, low-tech and no-tech strategies to elevate your brand and keep your name at the top of the list or prospective buyers and sellers.

Build brand awareness on the cheap

 In all communications, include some marketing material. Do this with direct mail, email, phone calls, text messages, social media posts or any stage of your nurturing cycle.

Email newsletters

 Develop a real estate marketing email newsletter, but make it useful beyond self-promotion. Include listing updates, industry trends, tips to find houses and other helpful information.

Pay-per-click search engine advertising

 It drives traffic to your personal website or landing page only from people actively interested in real estate. Choose who views your ads by location and demographics. Figure out who you want to target and what area you are focusing on before starting any campaign.

Customer surveys

You can do this by sending an email and include a link to your survey. The process can be automated on any number of touch points including an open house, house tour or even the final sale. Give your clients the freedom to answer a survey when they want and get the results in real-time.

Reach clients through Facebook

 Be creative, not too self-promotional, and use Facebook to amplify your community presence. Using marketing automation, updating your Facebook page with fresh and interesting content is easy.

Press releases

It doesn’t matter what the news of your agency is, write a blurb about it and publish it online. Be sure to reach out to media and use online services to link back to your website.

But be sure to write it well and that the news is actually news if you want to get a newspaper’s attention.

Create a Google+ page

 Create an optimized profile page with links to your website. Google+ will become more key to search rankings, so starting now is a good idea.

Encourage positive online reviews

When clients have a positive experience with your agency, encourage them to visit online sites such as or and write about their experience. Agents also should build a page on their website with links to their profiles on review websites. When people are happy with their service, email them a link to that page to make it convenient. The easier you make it, the more likely they are to give you a review. 

Carry blank business cards

When you make a good professional contact and they don’t have any cards on them, whip out a blank card and a pen and get their information. It’s low-tech, but effective, and the prospect will remember you when you do call.

Customer video testimonials

Find a couple of clients who appreciate your service, ask them a few questions and film the response with a smartphone. Video the client in a standing position away from a wall to lend a more candid appearance and the lack of quality will be less noticeable. If you want higher quality and production value, you will have to pay more.

Consumer website reviews

Have a page on your site to feature and accept new reviews or testimonials. A simple form can automate the process and send you an email when a new review arrives. Then you can add it to your website. Take these same reviews and sprinkle then on all your touch points.


Set up an account, add a profile and a link it to your website. Then set up a few automated tweets to keep the account active while you are busy closing deals. Be sure to add new content to keep your feed fresh.

Online news comments

After reading articles on the local news website, make a post and try to include a link to your website. Add the articles to your blog. Incoming links to your website from a reliable source can help the search rankings of your website and drive targeted traffic.

Leverage LinkedIn

The value of LinkedIn doesn’t come from networking with people you already know as much as from connecting with the people they know. Join some groups and try to share your knowledge where people may be looking for help.

Daily contact

 Strong relationships within the community are perhaps the most powerful marketing tool an agent can possess. Strengthen these relationships by maintaining contact. As the relationships develop, they will send you referrals. In turn, you can send industry-specific referrals to them.

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