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Jax Daily Record Tuesday, Jul. 23, 200212:00 PM EST

Where are they now?

A listing of City Council members and where they are at now.

Here’s an update on the men and women who have served on City Council since it was established following consolidation in 1968:

Alvarez, Warren 1999-present

Current member. Northside resident and farmer. Currently secretary/treasurer of Alvarez Jersey Farm, Inc., managing partner of Alvarez Dairy, Inc. and past president of Holly Hill Dairy.

Amos, Randy 1975-79

Ran unsuccessfully for Duval County Tax Collector in 1979. Has since expanded his Lake Shore Radiator and Specialty Auto Parts business to eight branches around the Southeast and developed an e-commerce arm at

Atkins, Jim 1983-87

Unable to locate.

Banks, George 1995-99

Currently, the chief of International Development for the Jacksonville Economic Commission.

Basford, Bill 1967-68, 1982-86

Resigned from Council in 1968. Re-elected in 1982 and resigned again in 1986 when he was appointed to complete Property Appraiser Robert Mallard’s term. Later defeated by Ernie Mastroianni. Currently a Clay County attorney. Longest running member of the Northeast Florida Regional Planning Council.

Bond, John 1970-71

Appointed to replace Walter Williams, who ran for the Florida Senate. Retired Navy lieutenant commander. Worked in the City’s Building and Zoning Department after Council stint. Currently works at the Museum of Southern History.

Boone, Forrest 1979, 1983-87

Formed the Three Rivers Housing Foundation in 1995, a non-profit organization that helps provide affordable housing in rural and small communities. Has lived in Tallahassee since 1999.

Brewer, Don 1971, 1975-79

Deceased. Elementary school in Arlington will be named after him.

Brown, Dick 1991, 1995-99

Current mayor of Neptune Beach. Married to Elaine Brown.

Brown, Elaine 1999-present

Current member. Director of corporate relations for Presentation Resource, Inc.; former owner of Promotions Network & Convention Planners, Inc.; former director of Corporate Meetings and Event Services for St. John and Partners Advertising and Public Relations.

Carlucci, Joe 1967-78

Deceased. Owned his own State Farm Insurance agency. Integral force in the newly consolidated government. Resigned from Council to run for the Florida Senate, a seat he held from 1978-1986. Boat ramp named after him off Heckscher Drive.

Carlucci, Matt 1987-94, 1999-present

Current member. Son of Joe Carlucci. Resigned in 1994 to run for Florida Senate. Owns his own State Farm Insurance agency in San Marco.

Carter, Doyle 1999-present

Current member. Owns Cycle Accessories West off Blanding Boulevard.

Carter, Jack 1967-71

Mandarin resident. Deals in real estate and insurance.

Carter, William 1979-85

Jack Carter’s younger brother. Resigned in 1985 to run for Florida Senate. Pharmacist and owner of Carter’s Ortega Pharmacy and Carter’s Park and King Pharmacy.

Chandler, Dr. Gwen 1995-present

Current member. Is the department chair of the FCCJ’s Downtown Campus Library and a professor of educational technology.

Clarkson, John 1969-71

Appointed to replace Oscar Taylor. Graduate of Stanton High School and the U.S. Air Force Air University. Was a former teacher and computer operator.

Cook, Henry 1979-87

Ran unsuccessfully for mayor in 1987. Eventually became Duval County Clerk of Courts until term limits forced him out. Has since turned to his life-long passion of painting. Set up a home studio and paints mostly landscapes and wildlife. Recently won a case before the Florida Supreme Court contesting term limits imposed on constitutional officers. He remains ambivalent on whether he will seek elected office again.

Covington, Wallace 1967-71

Deceased. Owned an electric supply company. University Boulevard railroad track overpass named after him.

Crabb, Nancie 1975-82

Resigned to run for Florida Senate and was defeated. Subsequently moved to Aspen, Colo., San Francisco and Manassas, Va. before returning to Northeast Florida last year. Currently resides in Fernandina Beach and is on the board of the Jacksonville First Coast League of Women Voters.

Crescimbeni, John 1991-99

Operates seasonal Hickory Farms stores in Duval County. Active influence behind the city’s tree ordinance in 2000.

Crenshaw, Mack 1975-79

Judge for the 4th Judicial Circuit. Brother of U.S. Rep. Ander Crenshaw.

Crews, Henry 1982-83

Real estate business, living in Gainesville.

Dale, Howard 1994-99

Attorney. Partner at Dale Bald Showalter & Mercier, P.A. downtown.

Daniel, Aubrey 1983-91

Retired from CSX in 1988 as vice president of industrial development. Keeps active in the community. Past president of the Arlington YMCA. Currently treasurer of the Duval County 4-H Foundation and volunteer with the Arlington Community Services Food Bank. Enjoys traveling and recreational golf.

Daniels, Lad 1999-present

Current member. President of Daniels & Associates, Inc. and president of the First Coast Manufacturers Association.

Darling, Sandra 1987-91

Recently closed Office Anesthesia Services, Inc. after 21 years in Jacksonville. She is currently working on assignment as a Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetist at Dartmouth Hitchcock Medical Center in New Hampshire. Currently lives in Vermont and commutes to work. Eventually plans to build a vacation home in Tennessee and travel at leisure.

Davis, Don 1987-99

Serves as Dist. 18 state representative. Currently, vice president of Gate Petroleum.

Dickinson, Walter 1967-71

Commercial realtor. Owner of Colliers Dickinson.

Draper, John 1991-95

Organized the opposition to the Better Jacksonville Plan. Bought Signs ‘n’ Stuff specialty advertising company last year. Remains a political activist and hosts a weekly radio show, “Talking Politics” on AM-1320 Thursday at 11 a.m.

Fant, Julian “Hickory” 1971-75

President of First Guarantee Bank.

Fields, Terry 1991-99

Currently, the state representative for Dist. 14. Formerly an instructor at Florida Junior College at Jacksonville and Andrew Jackson High School. Employed with the International Longshoreman’s Association Local 1408.

Forshee, Joe 1971-91

Duval County Soil and Water Conservation Board member. Employed by Sleiman Enterprises.

Fowler, Tillie 1985-92

U.S. representative from 1992-2000. Currently an attorney with Holland & Knight.

Fullwood, Reggie 1999-present

Current member. Director of public affairs for Vestcor Development Corporation.

Gaffney, Don 1983-86

Unable to locate.

Gibson, Harold 1979-83

Resigned to run, unsuccessfully, for mayor in 1983. After working for Offshore Power Systems, he became a business owner, operating the defunct Skate City on Soutel Drive. He currently owns the Silver Star Lounge.

Godbold, Jake 1967-79

Mayor of Jacksonville from 1979-1987. Owner of Gateway Chemicals, Inc. Does some consulting.

Goode, John 1975-85

Deceased. Was a real estate broker and builder/developer. The Duval County Pretrial Detention Facility is named after him.

Grange, Gifford 1979-85

Retired from politics and business. Once owned Gifford Grange and Associates Realty. Currently enjoying retired life, traveling, fishing and hunting.

Griffin, C.B. 1991-95

Lives in Lincoln Estates on the Northside. Still maintains an interest in politics and is a self-proclaimed liaison between the community and the Council. Griffin was a member of the Jacksonville Jaycees and co-founder of the Minority Contractors Association.

Griner, John 1989-90

Deceased. Appointed to temporarily replace Clarence Suggs.

Grissett, Ted 1967-71

Deceased. First post-consolidation Council president. Attorney and law partner with Homer Humphries.

Hampton, Frank 1972-75

Jacksonville civil rights leader — championed the effort to integrate the city’s public golf courses. Owns and manages apartment complexes in Jacksonville. Owns a Northside auto service station. Suffered a stroke 11 years ago and not as active as he once was.

Harrell, David 1971-82

Currently lives in Newnan, Georgia near Atlanta. After the Council, he went on to become the CEO of Georgia Baptist Medical Center until October 2000. Earned his Ph.D in health care administration and currently teaches the same for Mercer University’s graduate program in Atlanta. Also does health care consulting for 3M.

Hipps, Alberta 1995-present

Current member. Formerly a staff nurse at Wolfson Hospital’s pediatric Intensive Care Unit. 2003 mayoral candidate.

Hogan, Mike 1991-99

State representative for Dist. 13.

Holland, Jerry 1999-present

Current Council president. Runs Jerry Holland Homes and Holland Homes Realty. Varsity baseball coach for Paxon School for Advanced Studies.

Holtsinger, Ed 1983-87

Owns and operates a 40-acre farm in Mandarin raising pure bred limousine cattle and a variety of vegetables.

Holzendorf, King 1995-present

Current member. Works at River Region Human Services drug abuse prevention program.

Humphries, Homer 1967-71

Currently a Jacksonville attorney.

Huntley, Earl 1967-76, 1978-83

Deceased. Owned grocery store and butcher shop on the Northside. Resigned from Council for health reasons.

Hurst, Rodney 1975-83

Air Force veteran and former Director of Manpower’s Jacksonville Youth Employment Program. Currently works on his own as a management consultant. Former executive director of the Leroy Butler Foundation and the State of Florida Construction Industry Licensing Board. Enjoys playing oldies, R&B and soul music for parties from time to time.

Jarboe, Jim 1987-91

Became involved with Atlantic Beach government and was city manager from 1996 to 1999. Subsequently became city manager for Alachua until a few weeks ago.

Jenkins, Ron 1987-91

Taught social studies at St. Augustine High School for a while. Currently working part-time at the kennel club. Wants to get back into politics by helping a mayoral candidate get elected, although which one is yet to be determined.

Jenkins, Suzanne 1999-present

Current member. Former executive director of JaxPride.

Johansen, Preben 1971-79

Deceased. Used to own Le Chateau Restaurant at the beach.

Johnson, Earl 1967-83

Deceased. First African-American at-large Council member and first African-American elected Council president. A veteran of the Korean War, he was secretary for the Local Government Study Commission, which led to consolidation.

Jones, Warren 1979-99

First candidate to qualify by petition and then win a seat on Council. Ran for Supervisor of Elections unsuccessfully in 1999. Taught for a year at Paxon Middle School. Currently working in real estate with Luke Group Partners.

King, Mickey 1971-75

Currently a minister of recreation at Hendricks Avenue Baptist Church.

Kravitz, Dick 1987-99

Current state representative for Dist. 19.

Lanahan, John 1967-79

Retired from Lanahan Lumber. Active volunteer at St. Vincent’s Hospital.

Lee, Denise 1982-99

Current state representative for Dist. 15.

Leggett, Max 1991-99

Semi-retired. Put Leggett Construction on hold. Still dabbles in charity construction and active in politics in a small capacity.

Lockett-Felder, Pat 1999-present

Current member. Past president of the City’s Homebound Advisory Board and past vice president of the Sickle Cell Foundation.

MacLean, Don 1967-71

Attorney with his own firm, C. Don MacLean Jr. Retired from law June 30. Now an avid traveler.

Mathis, Sallye 1967-82

Deceased. Graduate of Stanton High and Tuskegee Institute. Received a master’s degree from Florida A&M University. Served as director of the Jacksonville Urban League and was on the Board of Directors for Jacksonville Opportunities Industrialization Center and the YWCA. Elementary school named after her.

Micks, Deitra 1986-91

An attorney before suffering a gunshot wound in the head in 1994. Still recuperating and living off Social Security. Previously worked as an assistant professor of law at the University of North Florida. Also served as an accountant for the Democratic National Committee.

Miller, Dick 1991-95

Retired police officer.

Moore, K.L. (Bobby) 1967-71

Deceased. Owned Moore’s Dairy on the Northside. Now operated by his sons as M&M Dairy.

Myrick, Ginny 1987-94

Resigned to run for Florida Senate in 1994. Former chief state lobbyist for Mayor John Delaney and vice president of governmental affairs for the Jacksonville Port Authority. Currently, government relations consultant for her own firm, Ginny Myrick Consulting, Inc. with a focus on underground utility rehabilitation and fiber optics.

Overton, Jim 1992-present

Current member. Employed at PRC Digital Media.

Ray, Lake 1999-present

Current member. Works as an engineer at Harbor Engineering.

Reagan, Harry 1990-95

Ran for mayor in 1995 and lost. Currently, public information coordinator for the Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office. President of the Jacksonville Historical Society.

Roberts, Lynwood 1968-79

Has served as Duval County Tax Collector since 1979.

Rustin, Faye 1999-present

Current member. Past member of the Mayor’s Small Business Commission, the North Citizens’ Planning Advisory Committee and former chair of the Existing Business Committee for the Mayor’s Economic Summit.

Sanders, Johnny 1967-79

Deceased. Owned a printing business.

Schellenberg, Bob 1983-86

Resigned in 1986 for business reasons. Retired Business Journal publisher. Former general manager and vice president of Ch. 4. Assisted Baptist Hospital Bill Mason for a few years. Currently working with his son repairing and restoring furniture with Movers Claim Service.

Self, Lynette 1999-present

Current member. Owner of Rose of Sharon European Florist.

Shuman, George 1979-83

Became international union representative for the bricklayers union. Moved to the Washington, D.C. area from 1985 to 1991. Retired at the end of 1991. Currently lives on the Northside and stays active in his church.

Singleton, Mary 1967-72

Deceased. Graduate of Florida A&M University and former school teacher. Known for her work as chair of the Child Day Care Commission. Mary Singleton Senior Citizens Center named after her.

Smith, Eric 1979-99

Associate professor of law and director of the Center for Strategic Governance and International Initiatives at Florida Coastal School of Law. 2003 mayoral candidate.

Soud, Ginger 1994-present

Current member. Real estate broker and owner of Ginger Soud Realty. 2003 mayoral candidate.

Southwell, MaryAnn 1999-present

Current member. Mandarin activist and former newspaper reporter.

Suggs, Clarence 1975-91

Suspended by the governor in 1989 and reinstated in 1990. Owned and develop Allstate Steel into a national company before passing the reins to his son in 1990. Still goes to work every day, but essentially retired.

Sulzbacher, I.M. 1967-75

Deceased. I.M. Sulzbacher Homeless Center named after him.

Taylor, Oscar 1967-69

Removed by the governor in 1969. Focused on “survival” for the next 30 years. Now 77, he works with the Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office as a school crossing guard at the corner of Beaver and King streets.

Teague, Larry 1971-75

Sold Teague Plumbing in 1993. Now lives on a lake in Keystone Heights. Heavily into water ski competition. At 70, he still skis everyday at 7 a.m. Despite the fact that he insists he’s busier now than when he worked, shorts are still the uniform of the day in Keystone Heights.

Tullis, Jim 1985-99

Resigned after elected to the Florida House 1999. Owns his own insurance agency in San Marco. Currently running for state legislature against incumbent Stan Jordan.

Thibault (Webb), Sylvia 1976-91

Charlie Webb’s widow. Appointed to fill late husband’s seat.

Webb, Charlie 1971-76

Deceased. Charlie Webb Award given each year to an outstanding Council member.

Wells, Jim 1976-90

Deceased. Resigned for business reasons. Owned Wells Brothers auto dealership. Involved with Big Brothers and Big Sisters, the Masons and Kiwanis. Strong advocate of moving City buildings off the riverfront.

Williams, Walter 1967-75

Operates his own real estate firm. Served as JEA chair and various other government and civic capacities.

Wood, Terry 1979-99

Ran for Clerk of Courts in 1999, defeated by Jim Fuller. Currently property manager at Gateway Shopping Center and insurance consultant.

Yates, Gwen 1999-present

Current member. Community activist and member of several civic organizations.

—by Glenn Tschimke

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