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Jax Daily Record Thursday, Apr. 19, 201805:03 PM EST

White is out, green is back and other 2018 surprises

Experts say home decor is trending toward less formal, more colorful and artful function this year.
by: Andrew Warfield Staff Writer

Ah spring, when a trendy homeowner’s fancy turns to redecorating. Trends in home decor often change with the seasonal winds, but applied appropriately, many can endure over many years. The key is incorporating the right design elements in the appropriate measure, and not to stray from the architectural characteristic of the home.

Decorating based on the latest magazine articles can become dated more quickly. That random architectural element like a barn door may seem like a fun focal point, but not if the rest of the home is traditional. The same holds true with formal design features in a coastal cottage or suburban ranch.

Trends in colors, architectural features and other design elements can be incorporated, but unless you want — and can afford — to redecorate every two years or so, experts advise taking a more timeless approach.

According to a number of websites that specialize in design trends, here is a summary of what’s in — and even some of what’s out — for 2018.

First, what’s out: all-white kitchens, white and stainless steel sinks, off-color accent walls, artwork featuring words and random architectural features inconsistent with the rest of the home’s character.

What’s in: Jewel tones, heavy cabinetry, brass, bold floral prints, storage pieces scattered throughout the home, stone and natural accents, warmer colors, circular geometrics and contrasting color palettes.

And green.

Before your mind wanders back to the 1970s and the garish avocado green and harvest gold that dominated the era, this green is different. According to, olive, emerald and similarly bold greens are making a comeback. 

The website also reports that lavender and lilac are gradually replacing “millennial pink” and bold colors high in contrast are setting the backdrop for natural accents of wood, stone and woven textures.

Trims are going to be more colorful, providing contrast to warm colors such as yellows, reds and corals.

Then there’s wabi-sabi, the Japanese art of finding beauty in imperfection. The result is rough linens, handmade pottery and stoneware for a more organic, homespun look.

Here is some of what we can expect to see in fashionable homes in 2018 according to

Instead of brass or stainless, trends for plumbing fixtures are favoring matte black .

Matte black 

From plumbing fixtures to shower enclosure trim to hardware, look for flat black finishes to pick up where satin brass left off. Matte black complements a variety of trending materials and provides a versatile, durable finish.

Colorful kitchens

Expect white as a continuing basic, but homeowners are looking for new ways to personalize what has become the focal point of the home. Neutrals like gray and blue continue to trend, but warm wood tones are replacing painted cabinetry and countertop materials such as quartz, concrete and butcher block are making gains.

Kitchen dining

Large islands are beginning to fall out of favor as the standard for eat-in kitchens as many homeowners, particularly of smaller homes, are opting for dining tables instead. Really creative designers are incorporating the island into dining space where family and guests face each other.

Concrete accents

As a base material, concrete is as basic as it gets. But, this durable material is being dressed up in new colors and smooth finishes that allow them to be used in a variety of applications. As countertops, flooring and even accent walls, the humble concrete offers a contemporary touch as it can be manipulated into a variety of textures and colors.

Bold-colored upholstery

Remember your grandmother’s gaudy, brightly colored sofa? We don’t, either, but we can imagine. As a room’s focal point, the sofa is taking over as bright blue, pink or green shades anchor the living room or family room decor, no plastic protective cover required.

Calming bedrooms

By contrast, the bedroom should be decorated with soothing, calming color and texture palettes. Bedrooms are being pared down to the bare minimum with homeowners heading in the direction of soothing neutrals and simple, functional pieces.

More interesting kitchen sinks

Beyond major appliances, the kitchen sink is one of the features that draws the most visual attention. White and stainless steel sinks will begin to give way to concrete, stone, copper and composite sinks of gray, bronze or black. And look for the shapes to trend away from the farm sink or standard sunken bowl to more contemporary designs.

Cut into countertops, these groove offer drainage for those dirty dishes that will eventually find their way here.

Detail-oriented countertops

Just when you think there is nothing new in countertops, how about cut grooves gradually deepening toward the sink to create drainage for wet dishes, spills and other wet kitchen functions? They even add “archi-textural” interest as well.

Semi-open kitchens

 Anyone who has watched a home improvement or home hunting show has heard the phrase “open concept” more times than they care to count. And in recent years, interior spaces have been laid out to reflect that trend. Open concept isn’t going away, but more homeowners are wanting a visual, if not physical, separation between the kitchen and living areas. A half-wall of cabinetry or a small serving island serves to provide that line of demarcation while avoiding isolation.

Trough or bucket sinks

Beyond the kitchen sink, the modern bathroom or powder room is placing more emphasis on sinks of architecturally pleasing shapes and styles. Even the traditional dual vanity is being replaced with a longer sink with twin faucets.


Grandma’s florals are enjoying a revival. Look for botanical motifs in high-contrasting colors with oversized patterns in bold tones including black, teal and gold. Fun and funky florals aren’t tacky anymore

Millwork accent walls

Watch any DIY show and you’ll know what shiplap is. Accent walls can be created more easily than ever before with available materials that mimic the appearance of a number of wood styles. You can always install the real thing as well, something that is making more appearances in model homes and is prevalent in the luxury home market.

Vintage lighting

Interest is growing in vintage-style and industrial-like light fixtures as more homeowners are considering form along with function and incorporating lighting into their decor as art.

Thomas Edison might recognize the look of these modern old-looking lights, but now they’re LED instead of incandescent.


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