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Photo by Joe Wilhelm Jr. - Jacksonville Jaguars President Mark Lamping is approaching one year with the organization and has settled into his office at EverBank Field. He was named president of the organization a year ago today. He estimates he spends...
Jax Daily Record Wednesday, Feb. 13, 201312:00 PM EST

Workspace: Jacksonville Jaguars President Mark Lamping

by: Joe Wilhelm Jr.

Jacksonville Jaguars President Mark Lamping was named president of the organization a year ago and started the job two weeks later, on Feb. 27.

He's well settled into his EverBank Field space after 12 months with the National Football League franchise, although he estimates he spends about 30 percent of his time in the office and the rest in the field.

"Nothing puts cold water on teamwork more than someone who sits back in an office all day," said Lamping, who is as mobile during the week as he is on game days.

"Nothing is more important than getting around and talking with people in the organization about how we are progressing. It allows for a much better understanding of what is going on within the organization," he said.

Lamping has logged some miles on foot.

He attends and speaks at business and civic organizations and is known to circulate through the crowd on game days at EverBank Field to see how the organization is operating.

He was spotted in the crowd last Aug. 10 during the first preseason game of the year as he watched the fans' reaction to "The Prowl," which was created in the 2012 season to improve the fan experience. Before taking the field, players can interact with fans.

Lamping could not define a typical work routine "because every day is different," he said. As president, he is in charge of the business side of the organization, while General Manager Dave Caldwell runs the football side.

Lamping reviews his schedule each morning to confirm his appointments and discuss the plan for the day.

"We try to move quickly and be nimble to meet the needs of our customers," said Lamping.

He is one of the few sports executives to have received both a Super Bowl ring, with the New York Giants in 2012, and a World Series ring, with the St. Louis Cardinals in 2006. He wants to help the Jaguars experience that success.

Lamping had served as president and CEO of New Meadowlands Stadium Co., a joint venture of the NFL New York Giants and New York Jets to develop and operate MetLife Stadium.

"You hire the right people, provide the resources they need to get the job done and recognize that there is always need for a little good fortune," said Lamping.

"We tell our staff, rather than focus on the destination, let's focus on the journey and get better every day," said Lamping.

"Working this way, ultimately, they will find themselves arriving at some place they never imagined," he said.

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