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by Max Marbut

Staff Writer

Omni General Manager Scott Stuckey is a sports fan and a competitor, so living and working in North Florida suits him just fine.

His resume includes Stouffer Hotels, Renaissance Hotels and the Marriott chain prior to his arrival in Jacksonville to manage the Omni.

In addition to pictures of his family, Stuckey keeps a collection of leadership and motivational books in his office to go along with his leadership and management awards. He said he likes to keep his staff guessing when it comes to motivation and performance rewards, like the time he took the entire sales team to lunch at St. Johns Town Center.

“We had lunch at P.F. Chang’s, then I surprised them with an afternoon at the spa,” said Stuckey.

When he’s not in the hotel, Stuckey likes to play golf and tennis (he was ranked among the top-10 amateur tennis players in the state while growing up in Wisconsin) and is also an avid Gate River Run participant.

He said one of the things that makes Jacksonville so exciting for him is the diverse football season.

“I love football. Georgia-Florida was great and the ACC Championship weekend was phenomenal for us. We’re really looking forward to the Gator Bowl. We are the host hotel for Ga. Tech’s team, coaches and administration. We’ll feed 200 people breakfast, lunch and dinner for five days. And we can definitely tell when the Jaguars are in town by our Saturday night business,” said Stuckey.

He said last weekend’s BCS national championship selection has affected his college football allegiances.

“We lived in Ohio for a couple of years, so we became Ohio State fans. But after last weekend, we are no longer Ohio State fans. We’ll be cheering for the Gators.”