Bar Bulletin poll: How I stay active

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  • | 12:00 p.m. October 5, 2015
Jeremy Paul
Jeremy Paul
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"I stay active by getting outdoors. I do simple workouts during the week with a focus on staying in shape to get into wilderness and off the beaten path as much as possible. I enjoy kayaking and hiking long distances to find the best fishing and hunting spots, and also to find peace. These activities keep me healthy and balanced."

Jeremy Paul, Dawson | Orr


"To remain active as age increases and free time decreases, I keep two goals: (1) run two miles before work, requiring extra 20-30 minutes; (2) circuit training on three mornings — mix of pushups, pullups, sit-ups, dips, curls, etc., requiring 30 extra minutes those days. At most I’m dedicating an extra hour each morning. I also do a random 5K on weekends if I can."

Hans Wahl, Jimerson & Cobb, P.A.


"Many attorneys will live on forever, sometimes famously (read: infamously), in their court filings. While this kind of immortality was good enough for Achilles, I remind myself as often as is practicable (if that is actually a word) that I have one body and one life. So, as a mindful mortal, I ‘beat feet’ through Riverside after work."

John J. Bennett, Purcell, Flanagan, Hay & Greene, P.A.


"I try to stay active by going to my local YMCA and going on semi-long runs at least twice a week. I am lucky to have co-workers who also enjoy staying active and push me to get out of my chair and work out my weekly fast-food intake. It also helps that my local YMCA is within five minutes of my office, making it easier to work out at the end of the day."

Nicolle Von Roenn, Boyd & Jenerette P.A.


"I try to train outdoors and vary my exercise regimen so I don’t lose motivation. I’m more effective if I schedule a specific time to exercise, recruit a workout partner so I stay accountable to someone other than myself, and/or register for an event for which I have to train. When all else fails, my dog reminds me to take her out on a run."

Amy Leitch, Akerman LLP