Bar Bulletin question: How do I stay active?

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  • | 12:00 p.m. February 1, 2016
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"I try to stay active by swimming, biking, running or isometrics throughout the week. I run the Gate,

do triathlons and play in a soccer league with my daughters. The other day my brain, which routinely overestimates my physical abilities, induced a hamstring to exceed its threshold, resulting in sudden

deceleration and pain. Recovery begins again."

Bruce B. Humphrey 

Birchfield & Humphrey, P.A.


"To stay fit, I go to FightFit as often as I can. FightFit teaches workout classes that consist of high-intensity

interval training utilizing kickboxing, cardio, plyometric and resistance training. It’s a great stress reliever for me during a long week. Also, I try to have at least one race event on my calendar at all times to keep myself motivated to run."

Stacy Byrd

Holland & Knight LLP


"I stay fit by signing up for local running races and competing in local surf competitions. I’m not a race winner or pro surfer by any means, but I find extra motivation in having a goal. I try to do four to six races a year and at least one surfing competition somewhere around town. That way I’m active all year. As a young lawyer, my mind is always in training and I’m trying to keep the same goal for my body."

Amie DeGuzman

Harris Guidi Rosner Dunlap & Rahaim, PA


"Because we practice in a profession where we are bound to sit at a desk for countless hours at a time, it is extremely important for us to stay active so that we can counteract the effect of our daily stagnation. For me personally, even at the age of 25, my back already starts to hurt after an hour of sitting. So I try and take a lap around our building every couple of hours or so. It’s amazing what a short three- to five-minute walk does for my back pain every day."

Andrew D. Scott Jr.

Smith Hulsey & Busey