Pro bono spotlight: Attorneys honored for outstanding pro bono service

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  • | 12:00 p.m. May 2, 2016
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At the 17th annual Robert J. Beckham Equal Justice Awards on April 20, six pro bono attorneys were honored.

They were selected not only for their number of volunteer hours, but also for the depth of their involvement in civil legal services to low-income people and for the variety of ways they serve.

The awards are presented annually by Jacksonville Area Legal Aid.

Those recognized represent hundreds more attorneys who assist with clinics, projects and case representation.

This year’s honorees are:

• Imani Boykin participates at all levels of pro bono service, from leadership and program design to direct client assistance.

She is a member of the Northeast Florida Medical Legal Partnership Advisory Board and the 4th Circuit Pro Bono Committee.

Boykin, a military veteran, has helped launch estate planning intake night events and the Veterans Legal Collaborative. She participates in Ask-A-Lawyer and Lawyers in Libraries.

Her firm, The Law Office of Imani Boykin, sponsors the advance directives for seniors events.

• Troy Farquhar established the firm Integrity Law shortly after graduating from law school.

From its beginnings, he ensured that pro bono representation was part of the practice and has accepted family law, guardianship, probate and estate planning matters.

In addition to representing clients, Farquhar is a presenter at the monthly family law group information clinics, Lawyers in Libraries and in community outreach events.

Integrity Law has been a sponsoring firm of the “JALA Fun Day” staff retreat.

• Hollyn Foster has fortified pro bono service in Northeast Florida on many fronts.

She participates in the intake nights at the City Rescue Mission implemented by The Christian Legal Society.

Foster offers counsel at the advance directives for seniors events and has served as an advising attorney at estate planning intake night.

She is a presenter for Lawyers in Libraries and serves as a resource for other pro bono attorneys.

Foster represents clients primarily in probate, guardianship and estate planning.

She is an attorney with Slott, Barker & Nussbaum.

• Tom Harper is a dedicated pro bono attorney who has represented clients with employment issues such as overtime, wage/hour and wage payment claims and employment discrimination.

He participates in the City Rescue Mission intake nights, providing assistance on behalf of JALA for clients in the LifeBuilders program.

Harper is a presenter for Lawyers in Libraries and an advising attorney at Ask-A-Lawyer events.

His firm is The Law and Mediation Offices of Tom Harper.

• Aaron Irving provides pro bono assistance to clients and in group settings.

He makes it his practice to have at least one active pro bono case and usually has several in the areas of family law, estate planning, probate and seal/expunge.

Irving volunteers in Ask-A-Lawyer, Lawyers in Libraries, the Veterans Legal Collaborative and community outreach events.

A partner with the Integrity Law firm, Irving has supported the JALA staff retreat.

• Judi Setzer maintains an ongoing pro bono caseload and during her career has represented clients in the areas of adoption, guardianship, estate planning, and foreclosure.

She is another of the core group of attorneys in the Christian Legal Society who established and continues to implement intake nights at the City Rescue Mission for clients in the LifeBuilders program.

Setzer has provided leadership on the 4th Circuit Pro Bono Committee and The Jacksonville Bar Association Pro Bono Committee. She is a partner at the Law Firm of Short & Setzer.

We applaud the contributions of these attorneys, as well as the work of so many others

Thank you all for providing legal representation to those who cannot always afford to pay.

Attorneys interested in pro bono opportunities are encouraged to contact [email protected]