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These are the largest commercial building permits by job cost issued Tuesday by the city of Jacksonville.

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  • Ganesh Healthcare of JAX LLC, 644 Cesery Blvd., contractor is Power Builders Inc., 2,290 square feet, tenant build-out, $23,312.

Office, Bank, Professional

  • Baptist Human Resources, 841 Prudential Drive, No. 640, contractor is Adams Interior Contractors Inc., 3,662 square feet, renovation, $172,580.


  • River City Science Academy Innovation, 8313 Baycenter Road, contractor is Register Roofing & Sheet Metal Inc., roof replacement, $308,000
  • JAX Property 770 LLC, 22 W. 38th St., contractor is J&M Roofing Services Inc., roof replacement, $127,132.
  • Theramed Medical Clinics, 9360 Lem Turner Road, contractor is Tillman Building Services Inc., roof replacement, $22,000.
  • City of Jacksonville, 5919 Links Notch Lane, contractor is All Around Roofing Inc., roof replacement, $16,480.


  • CareSpot Urgent Care Baptist Health, 12303 San Jose Blvd., contractor is General Sign Service Corp., two permits for wall signs, $20,000.
  • Popeyes, Lousiana Kitchen, 7762 Argyle Forest Blvd., contractor is CB Sign Service Inc., five permits for wall and monument signs, $7,000.
  • CareSpot Urgent Care, 2401 Monument Road, contractor is General Sign Service Corp., wall sign, $5,000.
  • New & Used Office Furniture, 11417 Saints Road, contractor is General Sign Service Corp., wall sign, $1,950.


  • NexTower Development Group LLC, 10384 Forest Blvd. S., contractor is Florida Tel-Con Inc., new cell tower, $160,000.
  • Jacksonville Electric Authority, 1840 Cedar Bay Road, contractor is Core Construction Co., renovation, $95,000.