Retail Notes: Gate Carwash to North Jacksonville; AutoZone at Dunn Village; Scrubbles to Atlantic North

Gate subsidiary buys land at southwest Main Street and Max Leggett Parkway

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Woodland Signature LLC sold property July 1 to BFC Property Holdings Inc. for $1.24 million.

BFC is Gate Petroleum Co.’s wholly owned subsidiary for Gate Express Carwash.

The city is reviewing a construction permit for the 5,100-square-foot car wash, pay station and dumpster enclosure on 3.89 acres at 15765 Max Leggett Parkway, at southwest Main Street and Max Leggett Parkway, at an estimated cost of $300,000.

A 1,378-square-foot office building would be demolished. Gate said BFC stands for “Better, Faster, Cheaper.”

AutoZone at Dunn Village

The city issued a concurrency reservation certificate for AutoZone at Dunn Village at Dunn Avenue and New Kings Road.

The 6,185-square-foot store is planned on 0.85 acres.

Scrubbles to Atlantic North

The city is reviewing a permit application for Atlantic North Scrubbles Express Wash LLC to build a 3,911-square-foot car wash at 11991 Atlantic Blvd. at northwest Atlantic and Kernan boulevards.

The Angelo Group is the contractor for the $620,000 project.