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These are the largest commercial building permits by job cost issued Dec. 1 by the city of Jacksonville.

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  • | 4:00 a.m. December 3, 2020
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Amusement Recreation

  • Weston Ranch Homeowners Association Inc., 2050 McGirts Point Blvd., contractor is ASP-America‚Äôs Swimming Pool Co., refinish pool, $22,000.


  • Cagle Apartments, 5719 Cagle Road, contractor is Hunter General Contractors LLC, 6,000 square feet, framing repair, $50,000.

Church, Other religious

  • Episcopal Church Diocese of Florida, 2002 San Pablo Road S., contractor is Realco Recycling Co. Inc., 6,800 square feet, demolish sanctuary and education buildings, $20,000.

Office, Bank, Professional

  • Kids First Dentistry Inc., 4411 Roosevelt Blvd., No. 594, contractor is Crabtree Construction Co., 2,373 square feet, tenant build-out, $426,710.
  • FinishMasters Inc., 8475 Western Way, contractor is Lighthouse Construction of North Florida LLC, 10,225 square feet, tenant build-out, $118,100.
  • San Jose Schools Support LLC, 11363 San Jose Blvd., No. 200, contractor is B&E Drywall Inc., 5,865 square feet, tenant build-out, $60,000.
  • Farrell Brothers Marine Construction Inc., 447 Lee Road, contractor is TCL Construction Concepts Inc., install retaining wall, $40,000.
  • We Insure Inc., 6832 Arlington Expressway, contractor is The Shrout Cos. Inc., 900 square feet, tenant build-out, $35,000.


  • H2 Health Milestone Staffing, 484 Riverside Ave., contractor is Nine Enterprises Inc., two permits for wall signs, $14,000.

Stores, Mercantile

  • Alta Equipment Co., 8750 Philips Highway, contractor is Charles Construction Group LLC, install paint booth, $182,327.