Wayfair installing $5 million conveyor system

The online home furnishings retailer operates a fulfillment center in AllianceFlorida at Cecil Commerce Center.

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Wayfair Inc. is installing a conveyor system at its Westside fulfillment center at a project cost of almost $5 million.

The city issued a permit Feb. 10 for MHS Company Inc. of Kentucky to install the platform, conveyor equipment, supports and controls at a cost of $4,966,000.

Boston-based Wayfair opened the center at 13483 103rd St. in AllianceFlorida at Cecil Commerce Center.

The online home furnishings company executed a long-term lease for a 1,012,567-square-foot building next to the Amazon.com fulfillment center.

Wayfair calls the Jacksonville center as a Large Parcel Home Delivery Operation. 

The city announced Dec. 3, 2018, that Wayfair would lease the building and open the $72 million center.

A city incentives agreement says Wayfair will invest $50 million into real estate and $22 million into machinery, equipment, furniture and fixtures.

The city said Wayfair will complete the center by year-end 2020 and create 250 jobs by the end of 2021. 

City Council approved a $3.3 million city Recapture Enhanced Value grant based on the additional property taxes generated by the project.

Cecil Commerce Center master developer Hillwood developed the structure and sold it July 14 to investor Stockbridge Capital Group LLC in San Francisco for almost $75.5 million.