Commentary: You deserve your dream life

Celebrate what you've accomplished and adjust what hasn't worked.

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Giselle Carson
Giselle Carson
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As we cross the midpoint of the year, it’s a natural time for reflection—a moment to pause and ask ourselves, “How is it going?”

If you’re like me and many professionals, you might find that your New Year’s resolutions have quietly slipped to the back burner, overshadowed by the daily demands of our careers and the dizzying pace of our lives.

Between client meetings, family and community events and the ever-present pull of social media, finding the time and energy to focus on personal goals can be challenging.

However, this midyear checkpoint is a perfect opportunity to realign our intentions and get back on track. Here are four tips to help rejuvenate our goal-setting journeys and enhance our thriving lives.

Embrace healthier habits

Redefine your identity to match your aspirations. Ask yourself if your actions align with the persona of someone who chooses healthier habits. Recently, I faced a dreary, rainy evening where the last thing I wanted was to drive to the gym. However, I asked myself, “What would a healthier version of me do?” The answer was clear, and though I initially planned only a brief visit, I ended up staying for a satisfying 45-minute workout. Each small decision in favor of a healthier lifestyle is a step toward becoming the person you aspire to be.

Give yourself grace

Success is not built overnight nor without setbacks.

Our failures are stepping stones to our achievements. When you falter, show yourself the same kindness you would offer a colleague or friend. Reflect on what these experiences teach you and how they can reshape your approach moving forward.

This acceptance and understanding of our journey’s ups and downs enrich our resilience and determination.

Cultivate your environment

Our environment often exerts a stronger influence than our willpower. You have limited reserves of self-control, so make it easier on yourself by shaping your surroundings to support your goals. Whether it’s your physical workspace, your digital haunts, or your social circles, ensure they reflect and reinforce your aspirations.

For instance, surround yourself with reminders and resources that pull you toward your desired outcomes.

Establish routine check-ins

Incorporate a morning and evening routine to bookend your day with intention and reflection.

Select one thing each morning to be excited about for the day and identify one action that slightly pushes your comfort zone.

Plan your day with a focus on prioritizing tasks that align with your goals.

Envision the successful completion of your key tasks to foster a positive mindset.

Each evening, reflect on how well you managed your energy, not just your time. Acknowledge moments where you chose a positive and constructive attitude.

Take time to recharge; consider meditating, walking, reading, and enjoy some quiet time.

Have a winding-down routine can help ensure a restful night’s sleep, preparing you for the next day.

These check-ins encourage mindfulness and accountability and are vital in maintaining focus on your long-term aspirations.

The shifts required to realign with your goals should be consistent and small. They have immense power when compounded over time and are investments in your future self and career.

As a U.S. corporate immigration attorney who thrives on helping organizations obtain work visas and green cards for their key talent, I live the importance of strategic planning and perseverance.

I consistently work at applying these principles to accomplish my goals. This is no small task; our minds naturally resist change, clinging to familiar patterns even when they no longer serve us. It takes deliberate, daily effort to override these instincts and transform these principles into habits. But the daily commitment is worth it, as each small victory makes the next step easier and more rewarding.

Let this midyear reflection be a springboard that reenergizes your commitment to your resolutions.

Celebrate what you’ve accomplished, adjust what hasn’t worked and set your sights on a productive and fulfilling second half of the year.

Giselle Carson is a shareholder with Marks Gray, where she practices U.S. corporate immigration and compliance law, and a former Jacksonville Bar Association president. 



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