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ShayCore joins with Hunger Fight

ShayCore is the contractor on Hunger Fight’s new headquarters. Cibelle Monk, CEO of ShayCore, shares their story of why they got involved.

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  • | 2:15 p.m. May 13, 2024
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David and Cibelle Monk of ShayCore with Sherri and Dean Porter of Hunger Fight.
David and Cibelle Monk of ShayCore with Sherri and Dean Porter of Hunger Fight.
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Our professional relationship with Sherri and Dean Porter of Hunger Fight began last fall.

The Jacksonville nonprofit encountered significant obstacles along the way to building its new headquarters and warehouse facility. But despite the setbacks, the Porters exhibited an unwavering dedication to their cause.

Their passion was contagious and quickly ignited a similar fervor within our team at ShayCore.

Learning their story has been inspiring. Sherri founded Hunger Fight in 2012 after learning that two main factors detracted children from being successful at school – illiteracy and hunger.

Fueled with passion to help change the trajectory of children, she started with a small team of volunteers and set out to make a difference.

The number of annual volunteers contributing to Hunger Fight’s mission has grown to more than 22,000 with more than 23 million meals packed to date.

As we continued learning about their needs for the new facility to accommodate such growing numbers, our curiosity was piqued as to how so many meals are packed so quickly and what was truly the required space for it all.

Last fall, a couple of us eagerly joined Hunger Fight for its annual Thanksgiving packing event at the Prime F. Osborn III Convention Center.

As we stepped into the expansive venue, we were met with bustling activity and pulsating music that you could not resist dancing a little to. Tables stretched as far as the eye could see, each poised for action with supplies and a team of eight individuals.

We joined our table, made new friends, and leaned into the fun atmosphere of it all.

What made it even more exciting was the realization that each table was in friendly competition with the others, vying to see who could pack the most meals.

Before us lay boxes of ingredients, which would ultimately end up becoming part of hearty meals of brown sugar oatmeal, mac and cheese, cheesy rice, SpaghettiOs pasta and beans and rice.

We put on our blue hair nets and sanitary gloves and, fueled by a competitive spirit, we were ready to begin. What felt like only 20 minutes of action was two hours of teamwork and dedication.

Although it was not abundantly clear which team won, as so many teams packed an amazing number of meals, it was clear that the real winners that day were the community members who would benefit from our efforts.

Two things were evident to our team at the end of that event.

The first was that we will be signing up our entire ShayCore team for future meal-packing events as a fun team-building opportunity. The second was that we now had the full vision of the need for a new Hunger Fight facility and that we would be committed to doing whatever it takes to ensure it becomes a reality.

At ShayCore, our company’s purpose is to help guide people through complex processes.

Sherri and Dean and Hunger Fight provided an enlightening experience that made our leadership team eager to assist from the beginning.

Despite facing what may have seemed like insurmountable challenges, including financial setbacks, we were determined to support them every step of the way.

Recognizing the urgency of the situation, ShayCore decided to absorb the substantial preconstruction costs as our contribution to Hunger Fight. Additionally, we collaborated closely with the design team to explore innovative solutions that would reduce expenses without compromising the functionality or aesthetics of the building.

Our commitment to excellence extends beyond our professional endeavors. It also encompasses our deep desire and philanthropic arm to enrich the communities we serve.

Obstacles initially perceived as insurmountable have been overcome. However, the fight to end hunger persists. The mission of Hunger Fight is to combat hunger and illiteracy by providing nutritious meals and age-appropriate books to those in need. Sherri and Dean’s contagious passion has not only inspired us in supporting this vital cause, but inspired us to share their mission with all of you as well.

If a lot do a little, then a lot gets done. This is a simple concept to think about but a great influencing force if acted upon.

Cibelle Monk Chief Executive Officer www.shaycore.com 904-551-2592

This is our ShayCore story of how we met and felt compelled to help win the fight against hunger with Hunger Fight. We are doing our little part, in an effort that a lot gets done. We are hoping that other community supporters also will step up and help join the fight.

If you are a Jacksonville local, then you have most certainly lived the phrase “we are the largest small town you’ll ever live in.” Let’s join together to help our community win the Hunger Fight!

We can’t do this without you. Join us in the fight to end hunger and illiteracy for local children.


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