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Photos by Joe Wilhelm Jr. - Circuit Court Judge Mark Borello is sworn in at Courtroom 406 of the Duval County Courthouse as his wife, Jacqueline, holds the bible.
Jax Daily Record Monday, Jan. 21, 201312:00 PM EST

Borello sworn in as Group 29 judge

by: Joe Wilhelm Jr.

Fourth Circuit Court Judge Mark Borello was sworn in Thursday at the Duval County Courthouse and became only the second judge to represent Group 29.

Borello won the November primary to earn the right to replace Judge Charles Arnold Jr., who retired at the end of 2012, and will now serve the circuit as a senior judge.

The Florida Legislature created the judicial seat in 1997 to address population growth within the circuit's boundary.

"Usually at this time when we welcome you to the bench we normally give you some inside tips on how to be a judge, but in your particular case there is no need to do that. You've spent 15 years practicing in front of me and your demeanor was that of a judge at all times," said Arnold.

"Not once did I ever see Mark feel personal about any defendant. He treated everyone the same," he said.

Borello was recognized for his work ethic, dedication to the law and the humor he brought to the office by his former bosses State Attorney Angela Corey and former State Attorney Harry Shorstein. The humor they talked about was evident in Borello's comments at the end of the ceremony.

"If you had one shot, one opportunity to seize everything you ever wanted, would you capture it or would you just let it slip? That's probably the first time that rap singer Eminem has ever been quoted in court," Borello said, referring to Eminem's "Lose Yourself."

The song was recalled because Borello listened to it on his iPod when running with his dog in 2011 when he was trying to decide whether to run for the judicial seat.

"I wouldn't change a thing about how we got here today. I think the things that I learned about our community over the last 18 months will make me a better judge," said Borello.

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