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Jax Daily Record Wednesday, Feb. 6, 200212:00 PM EST

Carlucci wants cable investigation


Enough is enough, City Council president Matt Carlucci said Tuesday when announcing the City’s next step in dealing with AT&T Broadband. Carlucci is requesting the assistance of Attorney General Robert Butterworth to investigate possible violations of several Florida Statutes and Jacksonville Municipal Codes by the cable company. “I’d really rather not be here doing this,” said Carlucci. “I’d rather be bragging about what great cable service that we have. The local people [AT&T Broadband representatives] have been fine to work with and have been responsive. But the corporate executives at the home office level have not been. Unfortunately, we have not been able to reach any agreement and serious problems remain. The message here is clear. A corporation charged with serving the citizens of Jacksonville must be held accountable. The citizens of Jacksonville deserve nothing less.” Carlucci alluded that the City may look toward bringing in other cable service providers saying, “Cable competition is the real answer to improving quality service.”

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