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Jax Daily Record Friday, Feb. 24, 200612:00 PM EST

Deep Blue downtown's newest, coolest club

by: Caroline Gabsewics

by Caroline Gabsewics

Staff Writer

The color blue is often associated with sadness. The owners of Deep Blue would like to change that perception.

Deep Blue is above the Copper Cellar Grille and Tavern at the Landing and opens its doors Friday night. Kerry Williams and Garrett Luebker co-own Deep Blue, an opportunity that arose when Southend Brewery became available. Williams jumped on the opportunity to purchase the two-story space.

“It technically is all one space,” said Williams, who is also the CEO of Cutlass Restaurant Group which also owns the Copper Cellar. “There is now a lounge for the restaurant and a restaurant for the lounge.”

The upscale bar and lounge is covered from ceiling to floor with blue, creating a relaxing atmosphere that was designed by Louis Pecci, president of Design Factory and a world-renowned theme designer.

“Look at the area when you look out the window here. At night, everything is blue,” said Pecci. “We thought, ‘wouldn’t it be great to capture the glow of Downtown and bring the same ambiance inside.’”

Pecci says the club is supposed to look like the inside of a heated lava lamp.

“We wanted something comfortable, real easygoing, but a lot of fun,” said Pecci.

Deep Blue won’t just serve cold beer, wine by the glass and the newest rage in martinis. The fishbowl drinks, one of Deep Blue’s specialties, are sure to cause a stir.

“We are going to have a large menu of specialty drinks,” said Williams. “Our fishbowl drinks will be in a 60-ounce glass. One of them will be called the Deep Blue Bowl.”

There will also be a Deep Blue Martini and for those looking for a more fruity taste there is the Light Blue Martini.

There will be an extensive wine list, complements of the wine cellar at the Copper Cellar.

On tap, Deep Blue will have eight full-time beers produced on-site as well as one of their five seasonal brews.

Music, however, may be what makes the club stand out from other downtown locales. Deep Blue will offer something a little different with a variety of music that will include Top 40, disco, 80s, old school and big band music.

“It will be very eclectic,” said Pecci.

Williams said they will also have a variety of local and out-of-town DJs performing on certain nights in an effort to give customers a taste of different DJ styles.

“By all means the club will be customer based,” said Williams.

Deep Blue offers areas for those who like to dance, relax on a couch or take a step outside to enjoy the view of Downtown. There is a stage, DJ area, a dance floor, a VIP suite, two main bars, four seating sections and a covered outdoor patio.

When Williams started planning the Copper Cellar and Deep Blue, his intentions were to help make downtown become more than just a destination, he said.

“With the existence of Twisted Martini, I think Deep Blue will also help with the concept of downtown,” said Williams. “In the long run, I hope we bring more entertainment (downtown) — all different genres. Whatever the concept may be, we welcome it all.”

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