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Economic Development
Jax Daily Record Tuesday, Mar. 19, 201903:46 AM EST

Development Today

These are the largest commercial building permits by job cost issued Friday by the city of Jacksonville.
by: Scott Sailer Staff Writer


  • Johnson & Johnson Vision Care Inc., 7500 Centurion Parkway, contractor is Turner Construction Co., 4,055 square feet, equipment installation, $450,000.
  • Heartland Equipment Inc., 10503 Busch Drive, contractor is Richard Claude Haskew, 1,852 square feet, building addition, $252,351.

Office, Bank, Professional

  • Hickson Medical Offices, 5924 Hickson St., contractor is Archangel Engineering and Construction Inc., 1,706 square feet, complete unfinished building, $1 million.
  • Metro Park Holdings LLC, 3563 Philips Highway, No. 202, contractor is Adams Interior Contractors Inc., tenant build-out, $671,554..


  • Philips Highway Self Storage, 5017 Bowden Road, contractor is Register Roofing & Sheet Metal Inc., new building roof, $194,100.
  • Palm Garden of Jacksonville, 5725 Spring Park Road, contractor is Centimark Corp., roof over existing, $32,110.

Stores, Mercantile

  • Family Dollar, 4594 Sunbeam Road, contractor is HJB Construction Inc., 8,320 square feet, new shell building, $437,250.

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