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Jax Daily Record Tuesday, Jun. 20, 201708:45 AM EST

Development today

The Daily Record will regularly provide updates about building permit applications filed with the city.

Amusement, recreation
Main & Sixth Brewing Co., 1636 N. Main St., contractor is Duckworth Construction Co., 2,913 square feet, demolition and renovation, $75,000.
Yo Yo’s Internet Café, 6500 Beach Blvd., contractor is Success Builders of Fruit Cove, 1,600 square feet, interior build-out of tenant space, $25,000.
Elite Cap, 13799 Beach Blvd., No. 2, contractor is Radon Professional Services, 1,101 square feet, alterations and repairs, $14,400.

St. Johns Village, 4000 St. Johns Ave., contractor is LandSouth Construction LLC, six buildings and parking garage, 140 apartments, seven permits, $1.6 million.
Integra Riverside, 14050 Integra Drive, contractor is LandSouth Construction LLC, trellis with three gas grills and rinse station for the amenity area of the clubhouse, two permits, $21,800.

Montreux at Deerwood Lake, 8550 Touchton Road, contractor is Workhorse Projects LLC, fire damage repairs, two permits, $90,000.

Day care
Day care, 10663 Monaco Drive, No. 204-205, contractor is Tier 1 Construction, 4,000 square feet, tenant build-out, $516,000.

Hospital, institutional
Mayo Clinic, 4500 San Pablo Road, contractor is Auld & White Constructors LLC, interior renovation, second-floor CT consolidation, $1.6 million.

Office, bank, professional
Florida Highway Patrol Troop G, 7322 Normandy Blvd., contractor is CC. Borden Construction Inc., 999 square feet, upgrading bulletproof panels and windows, new bollards, $71,930.

Youth center, 10663 Monaco Drive, No. 302, contractor is Tier 1 Construction, 4,000 square feet, tenant build-out, $10,000.

Popeyes, 649 McDuff Ave. S., contractor is Diversified Commercial Builders, emergency repair for minor damage to storefront and glass, $20,000.
MaMa Restaurant, 1527 Cesery Blvd., contractor is Alpha & Omega Builders of Jacksonville, 1,300 square feet, build-out for takeout food, $11,215.

Money Pages, 7892 Baymeadows Way, contractor is North American Roofing Systems, $112,232.
Chadbourne I LLC, 5116 Gate Parkway, contractor is America Roofing, two permits, $69,980.
The Haskell Co., 1055 Peavy Road, contractor is Barber & Associates Inc., $61,800.
Highlands United Presbyterian Church, 10900 McCormick Road, contractor is K&G Construction Co. Inc., $15,500.
Madison Building, 7750 Bayberry Road, contractor is CG Roofing Group LLC, $14,770.

Service station, repair garage
EuroSpec, 8737 Philips Highway, contractor is The Chuck Foster Co., 2,500 square feet, metal structure, addition, $96,500.

Gate Fresh Kitchen Yobe Frozen Yogurt, 9540 San Jose Blvd., contractor is Harbinger, pylon sign on existing pole, wall and canopy signs, five signs, five permits, $58,400.
San Jose Center, 8789 San Jose Blvd., contractor is Taylor Sign & Design Inc., 18 blank tenant panels, $31,000.
Diamonds Direct, 4870 Big Island Drive, contractor is Taylor Sign & Design Inc., $7,080.
BP On The Fly, 8289 Normandy Blvd., contractor is Aluminum Plus, five signs, $3,500.
JAX Chamber, 101 E. Bay St., contractor is Taylor Sign & Design Inc., $2,490.
Thea’s Salon, 11233 Beach Blvd., No. 7, contractor is The Sign Depot of NFL Inc., $2,400.
H&R Block, 8650 Old Kings Road S., No. 6, contractor is Anchor Sign Inc., $2,200.

Stores, mercantile
RaceTrac, 8441 Philips Highway, contractor is Auld & White Constructors LLC, 5,500 square feet, construction of a service station building, canopy, fuel pumps and dumpster enclosure, two permits, $1.29 million.
PGA Tour Superstore, 4906 Town Center Parkway, No. 300, contractor is D. Wayne Shouppe Construction Co., 25,538 square feet, tenant build-out, $365,500.
Coach, 4813 River City Drive, No. 101, contractor is Horizon Retail Construction, 3,500 square feet, minor tenant improvement at an existing retail store, $47,000.

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