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Jax Daily Record Monday, Sep. 22, 200812:00 PM EST

JBA takes time to learn about time

by: Joe Wilhelm Jr.

by Joe Wilhelm Jr.

Staff Writer

Time is a premium commodity in the life of most lawyers and the Jacksonville Bar Association brought in someone Thursday to give its members some pointers on how to increase their stock in the time management market.

Cammie Hauser is a senior practice advisor from Atticus, a Miami-based company that advises law firms on how to run their businesses more efficiently and she was the guest speaker at the JBA luncheon at the Downtown Hyatt Thursday.

“Most of you are operating from a position of collective insanity,” said Hauser. “Think about your daily life. Decisions are all crisis driven. We go and put out one fire after the next. Being a litigator is all crisis management. Clients are distraught and very emotional and they want you to solve their problems.”

Hauser suggested taking a look at the status quo and determining if it was the best way to operate.

“You need to challenge some of the things you do just because that’s the way they have always been done,” said Hauser. “Sometimes it’s not the best way because times have changed.”

She also clued the crowd into two points that would help improve the quality of their law practice.

“It’s the clients you let in your door. You’ve got to be selective,” said Hauser. “The second is the quality of your staff. You don’t have to hire someone just because they filled out an application.”

U.S. District Judge Harvey Schlesinger brought a delegation of five judges from Russia he was hosting to the luncheon. The members of the delegation were Justice Mansur Kamalov, of the Supreme Court of the Republic of Tatarstan, Chief Judge of the Kirov District Court Lyubov Soldatova, Chief Judge of Naberezhnye Chelny City Court Radik Khalmitov, Deputy Chief Justice Marat Khayrullin and Chief Judge of Vakhitovskiy District Court Fanis Musin.

• Also, the following lawyers were sworn in as members of the JBA:

Nancy Adair, David D’Agata, Allison Albert, Mark Barnett, Deena Bateh, Amy Benson. Jordan Biehl, Deanna Blair, Joseph Brown, Alexis Brown-Gelb, Douglas Clifton, C. Matthew Detzel, Jonathan Dixon III and Lewis Dauton IV.

David Duncan, James Eidson, Michael Fayard II, Gordon Fenderson, William Folsom, Lyman Fletcher, Renatha Francis, Darin Gardner, Paul Green Jr., John Hatfield, Christopher Henderson, Renee Holterman, Sarah Hussein and Alyscha Johnson.

Mark Kahley, Thomas Kastelz, Caroline Kingston, Joshua LaBouef, Jeffrey Lewis, Bardley Little, Jon Lorimier, Laura Lothman, Phillippe Matthey, Carrie McClain, Jesse McIntrye, James Millard, Janeen Mira, Dianne Misiak and Kristina Nelson.

Thobius Ngonyani, Timothy Nies, Sharleen Noy, Scott Padgett, Lorelie Papel, Beejal Patel, Linda Patterson, Michael Phillips, Joseph Pickles, Charlene Poblete, Duke Regan, Paul Rosner, Katherine Rowe, Megan Ryan and Todd Jason Sager.

G. Michael Samples II, Andrew Sauer, Pamela Simons, Paul Sodhi, Robert Sturgess, John Tolson Jr., Kay Watson, Rick Widell, Ryan Williams, J. Tracy Wilkerson and Ben Wooded.

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