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Jax Daily Record Monday, Jul. 15, 201312:00 PM EST

Pro bono attorney training series eliminates barriers to employment for clients

by: Kathy Para

A two-part CLE training series for local pro bono attorneys could make a big difference for First Coast residents facing difficulties in finding employment.

The two training sessions, "Driver's License Reinstatement" and "Sealing and Expunging Records," are part of Jacksonville Area Legal Aid's "Employability: Eliminating Barriers to Employment" webinar series for pro bono attorney.  

The first session is presented by pro bono attorney Satasha Williston and titled "Driver's License Reinstatement." 

It will be a two-hour webinar and presented live July 26 from 11:30 a.m.-1:30 p.m. 

Williston will review the process of having a client's driver's license reinstated. 

It can be a complicated process riddled with potential pitfalls, however, Williston will show participating attorneys how to avoid common mistakes. 

The goal of driver's license reinstatement is to help people remain on the road and continue to lead productive lives. 

The ability to be mobile, particularly in a large city like Jacksonville, can be critical to employability. 

To register for the live presentation, interested attorneys should visit

The webinar and materials also will be available upon request after the live presentation.

The second session, "Sealing and Expunging Records," was previously presented by local attorney David Barksdale. 

The Florida Bar has recertified the webinar for CLE credit. 

The two-hour webinar provides pro bono attorneys the tools to determine when sealing or expunging criminal records is allowed by state law. 

This process is critical when people are denied work because of background checks that have revealed old arrests, arrests ending in charges being dropped and other minor infractions. 

Attorneys participating in the webinar gain the knowledge to assist clients who have never been convicted to pass the employment screening process and gain the opportunity to be productively employed. 

This webinar is available on request from Kathy Para.

Both CLE training sessions are offered to pro bono attorneys at no charge.

With its webinar format, interested pro bono attorneys can view the sessions from their offices. 

By participating, the attorney is making a commitment to serve at least one pro bono client in the specific substantive area.

Participating attorneys are asked to provide pro bono assistance within a year of completion of the webinar.

Legal service providers in the 4th Judicial Circuit are committed to supporting pro bono attorneys with webinars and other resources.  

There are many CLE topics available for support of pro bono attorneys including basic probate, guardianship, naturalization, wills and advance directives, litigating garnishment exemptions and many more. 

For information on pro bono opportunities throughout the 4th Circuit and available support resources, attorneys are encouraged to contact Para, Pro Bono Committee chairwoman of The Jacksonville Bar Association, at [email protected], (904) 356-8371, ext. 363.

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