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Jax Daily Record Friday, Jul. 5, 201907:00 PM EST

Projects Quail and Pelican propose 320 jobs in Jacksonville

The unidentified companies seek city and state incentives to set up operations.

Two unidentified projects, one pledging 300 jobs and another promising 20, are scheduled for review Monday by the Mayor’s Budget Review Committee.

Both say that city and state incentives are a factor in their decision to establish operations in Jacksonville.

The Office of Economic Development asks the committee to authorize the introduction of a resolution to City Council on July 23 to allow the mayor to execute an economic development agreement with the projects.

Project Quail

Project Quail proposes to create at least 300 full-time jobs at a Southeast operations center in Jacksonville. The city describes the company as an international web-based financial services company that offers personal loan products.

The jobs would be created by year-end 2021 and pay an average wage of $54,941, excluding benefits, creating an annual payroll of $16.4 million.

It seeks $1.5 million from the city and state under the Qualified Target Industrial Tax Refund program.

The program would refund $5,000 per job, comprising $300,000, or 20%, from the city and $1.2 million, or 80%, from the state after the jobs are created and the wages verified by the Florida Department of Economic Opportunity starting in 2022.

No location is identified. Quail would make a capital investment of $5.5 million comprising real estate improvements, IT equipment, furniture and fixtures.

Quail told the city that “a few other cities in the Southeast are also under consideration for the proposed project.”

Project Pelican

Project Pelican proposes to create at least 20 full-time jobs by the end of 2020 that pay an average $58,978, excluding benefits, creating an annual payroll of $1.1 million.

The project summary says the project is an international IT software company that works with most of the world’s largest financial institutions and has offices in more than 18 countries.

It is considering opening a Jacksonville office location to handle software support and cloud-based platform management positions that traditionally would be housed in its New York or India offices.

The company says it also is considering other cities in the U.S. for the office.

Pelican proposes to invest $110,000 in real estate improvements, IT equipment, furniture and equipment. No area location is specified.

It seeks a QTI refund of $5,000 per job, with up to $20,000 from the city and $80,000 from the state.

The Mayor’s Budget Review Committee meets at 2 p.m. Monday on the fourth floor of City Hall in the mayor’s large conference room.

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