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Jax Daily Record Wednesday, Mar. 2, 201112:00 PM EST

Tax Collector


As a reader service, the Daily Record plans to present daily information about candidates on the ballot in the spring election. The information is scheduled to be published in advance of early voting, which begins March 7 in Duval County. The Daily Record sent the same questions to Tax Collector candidates and here are their e-mailed responses. Candidates were given a word limit. Responses that exceeded it are edited for space.

What is the top issue facing the Tax
Collector’s Office?
How do you
propose to
resolve it?
Do you favor term limits for your office, and why or why not? Why should
elect you?
Michael Corrigan
Efficiency. We must find ways to make our governmental departments more efficient. We need to do more with less. From day one, I will perform a comprehensive review of the Tax Collector’s infrastructure and processes. We will use the results of this review to minimize expenses and explore opportunities to reduce costs through privatization. Yes, I believe we should establish an appropriate term limit for each elected office that reflects adequate accountability and official responsibilities. Small business owner, proven community leader! For the past 30 years I have built Nu-Trend Plastics literally from the ground up. Even in these difficult economic times, my third-generation family business is experiencing record-breaking success manufacturing plastic trays and containers here in Jacksonville. I have also spent the last three decades being actively involved in leadership positions in our community through numerous volunteer organizations and elected office.
Dick Kravitz
The top issue facing the Tax Collector’s Office and every other government department is the challenge of operating a cost-efficient operation while still maintaining a high level of customer service. The taxpayers will demand the Tax Collector endeavor to cut expenses so as not to ask for tax increases to help fund office operations and staff salaries. First, I would consolidate operations of the Tax Collector’s Office by shifting personnel from lower traffic offices to higher volume offices to be more efficient and to better serve the public. Secondly, I would pursue using modern, cutting-edge technology to process information and streamline customer-related operations to save money and improve efficiency. Finally, I would prepare my budget with an emphasis on doing more with less and consolidating the work force. Yes, I absolutely favor term limits. Term limits allow new individuals to serve the public with a fresh, new approach to the operations of the office and ideas that are timely and innovative. I am the only candidate with a graduate degree in administration and with executive level management experience in a retail-oriented, customer service business. This is the kind of educational background and real world retail experience needed to run the Tax Collector’s operation in a cost-effective, consumer-friendly manner. I am also the only candidate who has successfully managed a multimillion dollar budget in both the public and private sectors.
Ryan Taylor
Customer service. My goal is to provide a level of customer service to the residents of Duval County and others having business with the Tax Collector, which is at once the most convenient and expeditious, streamlined and uncomplicated, accurate and trustworthy, that the office is capable of cost-effectively producing. Education. My goal here is two-fold: to expand on the level of training the employees receive and keep the public educated on any operational changes to the various business applications the Tax Collector administers that will or may affect them. I do favor term limits currently in place and would be open to term limits for constitutional positions if it was longer than eight years, maybe 12 years. There is a large amount of knowledge to run the constitutional offices. In order to achieve this to its greatest efficiency along with the changes that are made on a yearly basis, eight years is not enough. I have worked in the Tax Collector’s office for 12 years regularly and interpersonally with every department and with every aspect of the office. I know what it takes to run the office at optimal levels, which issues are critical and must be tackled ‘day one’ and which ones only masquerade as problems. My knowledge of cutting-edge technology that is employed and needed by the office gives me the greatest advantage.

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