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Jax Daily Record Monday, Mar. 29, 202104:00 AM EST

Top 10 home sales of week

Here are the top 10 single-family residential real estate sales in Northeast Florida, comprising Duval and St. Johns counties. The sales were recorded March 15-21.



973 Ponte Vedra Blvd., Ponte Vedra Beach

Type: Single-family lot

Lot size: 1.8 acres

Buyer: The Southside Revocable Trust

Seller: SNF Ponte Vedra LLC

About the property: Beachfront residential lot about 1.2 miles north of Mickler’s Landing.



805 S. Griffin Shores Drive, St. Augustine

Type: Single-family

Lot size: 0.97 acres

House size: 8,180 square feet

Buyer: Nicholas J. and Natalie L. Reuther 

Seller: Steven D. and Pamela A. Champney



4115 Duval Drive, Jacksonville Beach

Type: Single-family

Lot size: 0.27 acres

House size: 4,604 square feet

Buyer: John H. and Virginia F. Cocke 

Seller: 4115 Duval Drive LLC 

Previous sale: $2,800,000 in 2016



5385 Dixie Landing Drive, Saint Johns

Type: Single-family

Lot size: 4.3 acres

House size: 3,603 square feet

Buyer: Rebekah Richmond and Erez Sternberg 

Seller: Brian A. and Jamie Rich 

Previous sale: $1,200,000 in 2016



2 Turnberry Pointe Way, Ponte Vedra Beach

Type: Single-family

Lot size: 0.93 acres

House size: 4,534 square feet

Buyer: Stephen M. and Lori Barber 

Seller: Jacqueline K. Tiani

Previous sale: $1,200,000 in 2019



611 Ponte Vedra Blvd., No. 124, Ponte Vedra Beach

Type: Las Mirandas Oceanside Condominium

Condominium size: 1,935 square feet

Buyer: John C., Sparling II 

Seller: Gilchrist B. Berg

Previous sale: $330,000 in 1990



396 11th St., Atlantic Beach

Type: Single-family

Lot size: 0.17 acres

House size: 3,080 square feet

Buyer: Lisa and Timothy M. Lamping

Seller: Chase McKeague and the Chase McKeague Revocable Trust

Previous sale: $1,362,500 in 2021



14325 Cottage Lake Road, Jacksonville

Type: Single-family

Lot size: 0.35 acres

House size: 3,535 square feet

Buyer: John T. and Anita K. Mitchell

Seller: Christopher R. and Mary K. Listau 

Previous sale: $1,175,000 in 2019



705 Barry Lane, Ponte Vedra Beach

Type: Single-family

Lot size: 0.67 acres

House size: 6,687 square feet

Buyer: Jayson E. and Jennifer M. Zimmer 

Seller: Steven W. and Tracy L. Button

Previous sale: $1,481,000 in 2006



126 Marine St., St. Augustine

Type: Single-family

Lot size: 0.37 acres

House size: 4,120 square feet

Buyer: Dennis and Angelica Metcalf

Seller: James F. and Billie K. Golden 

Previous sale: $604,000 in 2001

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