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Jax Daily Record Thursday, Jan. 31, 201905:10 AM EST

Top 10 sales of the week

Here are the top 10 real estate sales in Northeast Florida, comprising Baker, Clay, Duval and St. Johns counties. The sales were recorded Jan. 22-25.
by: Scott Sailer Staff Writer


Merchants Way, Jacksonville, Duval County

Type: Vacant

Size: 14.44 acres

Buyer: Chadbourne V LLC

Seller: AFI Associates Inc.


100 Devon Circle, St. Augustine, St. Johns County

Type: Multifamily

Size: 4.22 acres

Buyer: Devon Cir LLC

Seller: SIG Global Family Limited Partnership


1865 Edgewood Ave. W., Jacksonville, Duval County

Type: Lake Park Colonial Apartments

Size: 2.64 acres

Buyer: GAN Realty LLC

Seller: Lake Park Colonial 54 LLC

Previous sale: $2,175,000 in 2017


2260 International Golf Parkway, St. Augustine, St. Johns County

Type: Wendy’s

Size: 1.02 acres

Buyer: Belmont Holdings LLC

Seller: Restaurant Holdings LLC


4458 Town Center Parkway, Jacksonville, Duval County

Type: Freddy’s Frozen Custard & Steakburgers

Size: 0.9 acres

Buyer: Blanding Orange Park LLC

Seller: CPC Jacksonville SJTC LLC


11737 Central Parkway, Jacksonville, Duval County

Type: Office

Size: 1.1 acres

Buyer: 11737 CP Associates LLC

Seller: Visiontech Realty LLC

Previous sale: $1,125,000 in 2006


525 Lake Road, Ponte Vedra Beach, St. Johns County

Type: Single-family

Size: 0.88 acres

Buyer: Sarah Ball Mason

Seller: Cara C. McCuen


12524 San Jose Blvd., Jacksonville, Duval County

Type: Wendy’s

Size: 1.09 acres

Buyer: Betty and Theodore Roux

Seller: Gordons San Jose Blvd Burgers LLC

Previous sale: $1,363,700 in 2013


1550 Penman Road, Jacksonville Beach, Duval County

Type: Montessori Tides School

Size: 0.99 acres

Buyer: JAX Beach Real Estate Investments LLC

Seller: Kelly Properties Inc.


3390 Kori Road, Jacksonville, Duval County

Type: Office

Size: 2.4 acres

Buyer: 3390 Kori Road LLC

Seller: Paradigm Mandarin Inc. and RP Health Inc.

Previous sale: $110,000 in 1998

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