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Jax Daily Record Wednesday, Sep. 13, 201712:30 PM EST

Top Producers

Let everyone know who your top producers are. Submit names by 3 p.m. on the fifth of the month by email, [email protected], fax: (904) 353-2628 or mail, 10 N. Newnan St., Jacksonville, FL 32202.
by: Realty Builder Staff Staff Writer


Top salesperson for Jacksonville region: Jan Shields, Atlantic Beach

Top lister for Jacksonville region: Jan Shields, Atlantic Beach

Top sales team for Jacksonville region: Menton-Ballou Group, St. Johns

Top listing team for Jacksonville region: Debbie Shagnea Associates, Mandarin

Top salesperson for North Central region: Elaine Wallace, St. Augustine Beach

Top lister for North Central region: Rita Hall, St. Marys

Top sales team for North Central region: Crum-Gachet Team, St. Augustine Beach

Top listing team for North Central region: Gaffney Team, St. Augustine

Intracoastal: Evelyn Martin (top sales), Orjada Hajdini (top lister); Team: Sandy Miller Team (top sales and lister)

Atlantic Beach: Jan Shields (top sales and lister) Team: Palmer Marketing Group (top sales), Kennedy Team (top lister)

Hodges: Sharon McMullen (top sales and lister); Team: Paula Pou Team (top sales and lister)

Mandarin South: Joanie Heighes (top sales), Kim Brown (top lister); Team: Debbie Shagnea & Associates (top sales and lister) 

Ponte Vedra: Kathleen Larriviere (top sales), John Richardson (top lister); Teams: Mohr Team (top sales), Luxury Leaders Team (top lister)

Mandarin North: Katherine Etheridge (top sales), Darlene Joseph (top lister); Teams: Walker-Vergales Team (top sales and lister)

Fleming Island: Neil Avery (top sales), Jennifer Bauer (top lister); Team: Sallie Ross Team (top sales and lister)

Sunbeam/Baymeadows: Tyrone Townsend (top sales), Shelba Williams (top lister); Team: The Get Smart (top sales and lister)

Hidden Hills: Harold Isgette (top sales),  Colleen Bording (top lister); Team: DeCastro/Erickson Team (top sales and lister)

Orange Park Blanding: Mark Feagle (top sales), Ellen Dittman (top lister)

Fort Caroline: Rick Beeson (top sales), Rick Beeson (top lister); Teams: Foster-Nelson Team (top sales and lister)

Duval Station: Kay Stalvey (top sales and lister)

Avondale/Ortega: Lane Manis (top sales), Kim Kowal (top lister); Teams: Keith Waldrip Team (top sales and lister)

St. Johns: Betsy Picot (top sales), David Neves (top lister); Teams: Menton-Ballou Group (top sales and lister) 

Southside: Will Vasana (top sales), Luis Perez-Roman (top lister)

San Marco/San Jose: Joseph Poletto (top sales), Charles Anno (top lister); Teams: David & Clair Team (top sales and lister)

West/Chaffee Road: Kim Dove (top sales), Donald Ladson (top lister); Teams: Susan Krawczyk Team (top sales and lister)

North Jacksonville: Antonio Spence (top sales), Don Oxley (top lister)

Orange Park Oakleaf: Gerard Nicholson (top sales), Merrilee Agana (top lister)

South Beach: Gerald Williamson (top sales), Rick Mehaffey (top lister); Teams: Impact Team (top sales and lister)

Middleburg: Deborah Hatcher (top sales),  Brian Grund (top lister); Teams: Your Holm Team (top sales and lister)

Keystone Heights: Debbie Moore (top sales), Melissa Pellerito (top lister)

Putnam County: Whitney Redford (top sales and lister); Team: Smith-Fields Team (top sales and lister)

St. Augustine: Debby Duenow (top sales), Bob Million (top lister); Teams: Gaffney Team (top sales and lister)

St. Augustine Beach: Elaine Wallace (top sales and lister); Team: Crum-Gachet Team (top sales and lister)

Amelia Island: Angela Garcia (top sales), Deborah Barclay (top lister); Teams: Susan McEwen Team (top sales), Bandelin-Hagan Team (top lister)

St. Marys:  Rita Hall (top sales and lister)

Palm Coast: Cornelia Downing Manfre (top sales), Dee Hawkins (top lister); Team: Johanson Team (top sales), Team Green (top lister)

Gainesville: Michael Still (top sales), Jonathan Colon (top lister)

Tioga: Shelley Chappell (top sales), Michael Shane Carter (top lister)

Nocatee: Judy Lassiter (top sales), Misty Phillips (top lister); Team: Pondo-Miller Team (top sales), Ash  & Rose Team (top lister)


Top sales volume and transaction sides: Annette Boender and Maggie Haynes

Top new listings: George Sitgreaves


Mariah Mouro (top producer); Fred Conley (top agent and lister); Nani Hassell (top sales)


Bill Collins (top producter)


Don Church (top sales); Todd Addicott (top lister); Top Team: The Concierge Team (Top Sales and Lister)


David Taylor (sales leader)

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