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Jax Daily Record Monday, Jun. 24, 200212:00 PM EST

Wayne Hogan honored for lifetime achievement


Attorney Wayne Hogan, a partner in the firm of Brown, Terrell, Hogan, Ellis, McClamma & Yegelwel, was awarded the Academy of Florida Trail Lawyers’ Al J. Cone Lifetime Achievement Award June 14 at the Academy’s annual convention in Orlando. He is just the second local attorney to receive the honor.

Named after Al J. Cone, first elected president and founding member of The Academy of Florida Trial Lawyers, the award is presented annually to the member attorney who, in their law practice, epitomizes outstanding legal achievement and serves as a role model for other attorneys throughout the state. In the words of the award, it recognizes “a career of leadership; a career of example setting, a career of devotion; a career of courage.” The only previous Jacksonville honoree was W. C. Gentry in 1994.

“Wayne Hogan’s spirit and core decency will not allow him to stop fighting as long as he knows he can make a difference,” said The Academy of Florida Trial Lawyers’ executive director Scott Carruthers, “He is a true believer in our civil justice system and his relentlessness in making sure everyone has equal access to the courts is an inspiration to all lawyers.”

“It is an honor to be recognized by my peers in The Academy of Florida Trial Lawyers,” said Hogan. “We all work hard for the betterment of our respective communities and for the state of Florida, and this acknowledgment is truly a highlight of both my professional and personal life.”

He also thanked his partners and all the members of the Brown, Terrell, Hogan firm for their role in his achievements. Hogan said, “The firm created the model and expectations for active involvement in the profession and the community, stressing that superior litigation and ‘giving back’ is a way of life, not just a nice thing to do.”

Hogan’s career achievements are many and diverse. He is past president of The Academy of Florida Trial Lawyers, The National Board Certified Civil Trail Lawyers, and The Florida State University College of Law Alumni Association. He is past chair of the Civil Rules of Procedure Committee of the Florida Bar, and was the founding chair of The Academy of Florida Trial Lawyers’ Environmental Law Section, Notably, Hogan was a member of the team of lawyers that late Governor Lawton Chiles selected to represent the State of Florida against the Tobacco industry.

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