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Jax Daily Record Thursday, Jun. 4, 202005:00 AM EST

YLS Board of Directors: 8 candidates, 3 seats

The Jacksonville Bar Association Young Lawyers Section board of governors has three seats up for election.

Each seat is for a two-year term. Online voting began May 29 and ends at noon June 11. If you are a young lawyer, visit for more information about the candidates and to cast your vote.

Seat 2

Matt Borello

Matt Borello

“My goal for The Jacksonville Bar Association YLS is to increase membership and inactive member participation through events that promote professional growth and networking in a way that isn’t stale.

Young lawyers are often so busy that we forget just how important community involvement, comradery, and recreation are.

I hope to introduce creative event ideas and work towards drawing in more new and active members by creating a YLS environment that is so fun and rewarding that even the busiest of us will find time to participate.

Seth C. Nix

Seth Nix

My goals are to work with the board of governors to support, grow and engage membership.

I believe that to do so, it is important to provide programs, projects and activities that are relevant and take into consideration the often unique circumstances of young lawyers, such as time and financial constraints.

I also hope to continue to enhance the reputation and image of the YLS within the community by continuing the tradition of hosting successful community events.

I believe that as a sixth-year practicing attorney with years of pre-law-school experience managing businesses, I have a unique skill set that is well suited to fulfilling the obligations of a board member. 

Adam Prom

Adam Prom

As a member of the Young Lawyers Section since 2017, I appreciate the value our organization provides to both young lawyers and our broader community.

Through charitable fundraising, mentoring programs and networking opportunities, the YLS offers a tremendous resource for those who wish to develop personally and professionally.

If elected to the YLS board, I look forward to expanding the footprint of the YLS through outreach and programming and enhancing the incredible networking opportunities offered to our members.

As a member of the YLS board, I will strive to plan and encourage safe, fun and creative ways to remain connected with our peers, while also supporting our local community.

Kathryn E. Stanfill

Kathryn Stanfill

I want to be your next YLS board member because I will put in the effort to help our association grow.

My two main goals are increase active membership and increase our involvement with charities.

First, by utilizing relationships with other attorneys, I coordinated and planned “A League of Our Own” to help bring attorneys from different fields and associations together. I would like to continue to foster more connections.

Second, I want to increase our involvement with charities so that we can give back on a bigger scale while still having fun.

I believe that, in life, you get out what you put in. If we work together, we can continue making this association better for everyone.

Seat 4

LaTesha M. Campbell

LaTesha M. Campbell

I am a current an ex officio board member of the YLS board of governors and have previously served on multiple committees for the last two years.

I hope to continue my commitment to the JBA YLS and to encourage others to become involved as well.

My goals for YLS include adding a professional development CLE to our programming, expanding the high school mentorship program to additional local schools and increasing membership and involvement of government attorneys.

Teddy Foster

Teddy Foster

My goals are to reach out to our members in untapped ways and work with the JBA to increase member benefits for young lawyers.

I also hope to evaluate opportunities that arise out of a post COVID-19 legal environment and provide innovative programs in that regard.

We need to continue to promote mental health awareness, work/life balance and overall physical and mental wellness. We need help in those areas now more than ever and I have always had a special interest in lawyer well-being.

We need to create exciting new opportunities for members to network with judges and lawyers.

Born and raised in Jacksonville, the JBA would benefit from merging with the greater Jacksonville community.

Josef B. Hess

Josef Hess

My goal is to be an active member of the board of governors and to help assist the Young Lawyers Division in becoming a strong association that helps young attorneys network and become familiar with the ins-and-outs of the legal community. 

Seat 6

Tim Miller (incumbent)

Tim Miller

The main goal of every Bar organization should be to make everyone feel welcome and a part of the group when they come to an event.

My favorite thing about the events that we as the YLS put on is seeing a new face that has come to a YLS event for the first time that day. It should be our mission to ensure that person will want to return and participate again through ensuring that they have a positive experience.

Through this method we maintain a steady flow of fresh ideas and new inspirations that will help keep our organization a vibrant and energetic force for positive change.

The philanthropic aspect of YLS is also something I consider vital and paramount to our success as a group.

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