Top 10 commercial sales of 2019

Here are the top 10 commercial real estate sales of 2019 in Northeast Florida, comprising Clay, Duval and St. Johns counties. The sales were recorded Jan. 1- Dec. 31.

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10151 Deerwood Park Blvd., Jacksonville

Type: Deerwood South

Parcel size: 40.69 acres

Building size: Four buildings totaling 267,738 square feet

Buyer: SREIT Deerwood Park South LLC

Seller: Deerwood South LLC



4600 and 4601 Touchton Road E., Jacksonville

Type: Deerwood North

Parcel size: 34.6 acres

Building size: Four buildings totaling 514,300 square feet

Buyer: SREIT Deerwood Park North LLC

Seller: Deerwood North LLC



4674 Town Center Parkway, Jacksonville

Type: Ravella at Town Center apartments

Parcel size: 5.58 acres

Units: 306

Buyer: Ravella Apartments LLC

Seller: Stanmore ADEF Jax Owner LLC



4083 Sunbeam Road, Jacksonville

Type: The Park at Anzio apartments

Parcel size: 36.53 acres

Units: 520

Buyer: Mandarin Property Holdings LLC

Seller: Reserve at Mandarin LLC

Previous sale: $36,000,000 in 2016



8599 AC Skinner Parkway, Jacksonville

Type: Steele Creek Apartments

Parcel size: 14.72 acres

Units: 300

Buyer: Steele Creek Arbor LLC and Steele Creek Mesa LLC

Seller: AC Packer West LLC



4784, 4820, 4852, 4888 and 4906 Town Center Parkway, Jacksonville

Type: Commercial properties at The Strand at Town Center

Parcel size: about 52 acres

Building size: multiple buildings totaling about 216,000 square feet

Buyer: CTO19 Strand Jax LLC

Seller: PGP Jacksonville TC LLC



13525 Bartram Park Blvd., Jacksonville

Type: Century at Bartram Park apartments

Parcel size: 19.65 acres

Units: 323

Buyer: Centennial Bartram Park LLC

Seller: Arium Bartram Park LLC

Previous sale: $38,000,000 in 2013



7925 Merrill Road, Jacksonville

Type: St. Johns Forest Apartments

Parcel size: 40.06 acres

Units: 440 

Buyer: PRCP-St. John’s Forest LLC and PRCP-St. John’s Avondale LLC

Seller: AJ St. John Gardens LLC

Previous sale: $37,925,000 in 2016



11701 Palm Lake Drive, Jacksonville

Type: Mezza apartments

Parcel size: 31.05 acres

Units: 440

Buyer: Mezza LP

Seller: Eastport Jacksonville LLC

Previous sale: $33,400,000 in 2011



14050 Integra Drive, Jacksonville

Type: Integra River Run apartments

Parcel size: 18.11 acres

Units: 300

Buyer: EBSCO Integra River Run LLC

Seller: Integra Riverside LLC