Planning Commission recommends rezoning for Goodbys Creek property

Developer Mike Balanky and the city propose a land swap for commercial development.

The 2.3-acre property in yellow would be swapped for the Chase Properties site in red.
The 2.3-acre property in yellow would be swapped for the Chase Properties site in red.
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The Jacksonville Planning Commission on March 5 recommended approval to rezone and amend the land use of 2.37 acres along the east side of San Jose Boulevard, south of Goodbys Creek, for commercial use. 

The property is mostly an upland portion of the 35.15-acre Goodbys Creek Preserve.

Ordinance 2020-92 seeks a small-scale land use amendment to change from conservation to neighborhood commercial for future commercial development. Companion Ordinance 2020-93 would change zoning from conservation to neighborhood commercial.

As the applicant and property owner, the city seeks the changes as part of a Land Exchange Agreement,  through Ordinance 2020-148, between the city and Chase Properties Inc., led by Michael Balanky.

The city would convey the property in exchange for 52 acres of environmentally sensitive wetlands adjacent to Goodbys Creek.

The city acquired the 35.15-acre Goodbys Creek Preserve from The Trust for Public Land in 2002 for $505,000 or $14,367 per acre. 

The 2.37-acre parcel is encumbered by a conservation easement created as mitigation for the construction of the John T. Lowe Boat Ramp at San Jose Boulevard and Goodbys Creek to the north. Chase Properties is working to amend the easement restrictions.

The 52 acres will require a land use amendment to change from low density residential to conservation.  

Daryl Joseph, director of the city’s Department of Parks, Recreation and Community Service Department, said a trail system may be added to the 52 acres.

Zoning exceptions

The planning commission also approved zoning exceptions for:

• The Cuban Place at 9850 San Jose Blvd., southwest of Pall Mall Drive and San Jose Boulevard in the Pickwick Plaza shopping center, to allow the outside sale and service of food and drinks in conjunction with a restaurant in the commercial community general-1 zoning district. Under the current zoning the restaurant can serve only beer and wine as alcoholic beverages.

• Property owner Asheville, North Carolina-based Bengal Properties of Florida LLC, at 6639 Southpoint Parkway, west of Salisbury Road, to allow a church in the industrial business park zoning district. The church will occupy 5,557 square feet of a single-story 45,000-square-foot building.

Land use amendments and rezoning recommendations

The planning commission recommended approval for land use changes and rezonings for:

• Ordinance 2020-87, which seeks a small-scale land use amendment for 1.53 acres at 12803 Lem Turner Road, north of Percy Road, to be consistent with the Percy Oaks planned unit development zoning of the property, which allows single-family residential. It would change from neighborhood commercial to low density residential and will support nine single-family homes per the PUD.

• Ordinance 2020-88, which seeks a small-scale land use amendment for 0.37 acres at 2939 Manitou Ave., between Ortega Boulevard and Baltic Circle. It would change from community/general commercial to residential-professional-institutional to allow for the development of a single-story duplex residential development on 45-foot-wide lots with cabana guest suites. Companion Ordinance 2020-89 would rezone the property from commercial neighborhood to PUD.

• Ordinance 2020-90, which seeks a small-scale land use amendment for 2.7 acres at 11134 New Kings Road, between the Trout River and Dunn Avenue. It would change from residential-professional-institutional and low density residential to recreation open space to allow for a recreational vehicle park. The property is a mobile home park. Companion Ordinance 2020-91 would rezone the property from residential low density-60 to recreation open space.

• Ordinance 2020-96, which seeks to rezone 0.24 acres at 4845 Sutherland Road, east of Cassat Avenue. It would change from residential low density-60 to community residential office to allow commercial uses similar to the development of the other three corners of the intersection.

• Ordinance 2020-99, which seeks to rezone 0.58 acres at 8160-8191 103rd St., northeast of Valdura Avenue and April Street. It would change from commercial office to commercial community general-2 to allow for the expansion of an auto repair business.

• Ordinance 2020-97, which seeks to rezone 0.58 acres at 4621 Emerson St., east of the Emerson Expressway. It would change from commercial community general-1 to PUD to allow the New View Granite business to display granite slabs outside.

Land use amendments and rezonings require approval by the City Council Land Use and Zoning Committee and then full council approval.