Top commercial sales of the week

Here are the top 10 commercial real estate sales in Northeast Florida, comprising Clay, Duval and St. Johns counties. The sales were recorded Aug. 22-30.

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5620 Collins Road, Jacksonville

Type: Courtney Manor Apartments

Parcel size: 25.34 acres 

Buyer: SREIT Courtney Manor LLC

Seller: VCP-Collins Road LLC



5500 Race Track Road, Saint Johns

Type: Undeveloped hospital

Parcel size: Approximately 40 acres 

Buyer: Flagler Hospital Inc.

Seller: Durbin Creek National LLC



412 First St. N., Jacksonville Beach

Type: Undeveloped hotel

Parcel size: 0.99 acres 

Buyer: KW JAX Beach Owner LLC

Seller: JAX Pier Lodging Group LLC

Previous sale: $6,000,000 in 2019



6059 Blanding Blvd., Jacksonville

Type: Goodwill

Parcel size: 3.14 acres

Building size: 16,436 square feet  

Buyer: SE North Florida Transitory LLC

Seller: Blanding Retail LLC



Hogarth Road, Green Cove Springs

Type: Timberland

Parcel size: Not available 

Buyer: Florida Power & Light Co.

Seller: Family Alaska LLC



Flagler Center Boulevard, Jacksonville

Type: Undeveloped apartments

Parcel size: 10.01 acres 

Buyer: Continental 495 Fund LLC

Seller: Florida State College at Jacksonville

Previous sale: $3,659,100 in 2011



7540 103rd St., Jacksonville

Type: Industrial warehouse

Parcel size: 4.01 acres

Building size: Two buildings totaling 51,000 square feet  

Buyer: 103rd Commercial Group LLC

Seller: 103rd St. Commercial Park LLC



60 N. Broad St., 632 W. Forsyth St. and West Bay Street, Jacksonville

Type: Undeveloped commercial

Parcel size: 1.17 acres  

Buyer: First Coast Energy LLP

Seller: Mark L. Rosenberg



1451 Louisa St., Jacksonville

Type: Office

Parcel size: 0.36 acres

Building size: 15,500 square feet 

Buyer: Voyage 1 Property Group LLC

Seller: Louisa MW Holdings LLC

Previous sale: $950,000 in 2007



11221 St. Johns Industrial Parkway, Jacksonville

Type: Industrial warehouse

Parcel size: 1.5 acres

Building size: 17,167 square feet 

Buyer: St Johns Group Inc.

Seller: Joan E. Galison

Previous sale: $1,225,000 in 2018