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Jax Daily Record Tuesday, Feb. 11, 202005:10 AM EST

Planning Commission roundup: Rezoning recommended for RideNow Powersports

The Blanding Boulevard business would add a building and expand parking.
by: Scott Sailer Staff Writer

The Jacksonville Planning Commission on Feb. 6 recommended approval to rezone 7.7 acres at 6407 Blanding Blvd. for Arizona-based RideNow Powersports.

 RideNow Powersports sells new and used motorcycles, boats, all-terrain vehicles, scooters, personal watercraft, automobiles and other motor vehicles, with parts and service facilities.

The rezoning combines the property under one zoning designation and allows for an additional building, future development and aesthetic improvements.

The site is at southeast Blanding Boulevard and 118th Street. The property is owned by Chilton Properties LLC, under the same management as RideNow Powersports.

 RideNow Powersports Jacksonville is one of 30 dealerships in eight states.

Ordinance 2020-19 seeks to change the zoning from a 1988 planned unit development and commercial office to PUD.

It will allow a new 10,000-square-foot building for parts, service and storage; enclose existing structures; remove interior landscape requirements; modify buffers; add 65 parking spaces and sidewalks; add outdoor display; and allow for development in the south of the property.

Zoning exceptions

The commission approved zoning exceptions for:

• A 390-unit multifamily development on 25.63 acres at 7002 Normandy Blvd. within the commercial community/general-1 zoning district. Plans comprise reuse of an existing 9,212-square-foot retail building and developing 13 three-story multifamily buildings with 30 units each and a 20,800-square-foot community building with office space and associated outdoor recreation facilities.

Most of the property is a radio tower farm. Four of the five towers will be removed for the development. The community building will be open to the general public. A companion administrative deviation reduces the required minimum parking from 873 to 720 parking spaces.

• Glen’s Lake Shore Bar at 2420 Lake Shore Blvd., north of Blanding Boulevard, to offer sales and service for on-site consumption of all alcoholic beverages in conjunction with a restaurant. The bar currently serves beer and wine. A companion waiver reduces the required minimum separation distance from 500 feet to 464 from Lake Shore Baptist Church at 2363 Blanding Blvd

Land use amendments and rezoning recommendations

The commission recommended approval for land use changes and rezoning for:

• Ordinance 2020-1, which seeks a large-scale land use amendment for 279.11 acres at Braddock Road and New Kings Road. It would change from agriculture-III and IV and multiuse to low-density residential to allow a 450-lot single-family residential development. The transmittal round application will go to the state for review. A future rezoning application would seek to change zoning from agriculture to PUD.

• Ordinance 2020-3, which seeks a large-scale land use amendment for 15.56 acres at 6046 and 6100 Greenland Road, between Greenland Chase Boulevard and Greenada Drive. It would change from light industrial to medium-density residential to allow a townhome development. The transmittal round application will go to the state for review. A future rezoning application would seek to change zoning from industrial light and industrial business park to PUD.

• Ordinance 2020-4, which seeks a small-scale land use amendment for 8.56 acres at 8781 U.S. 301, a portion of a larger 13.36-acre parcel in Maxville. The northern portion of the property is designated community general commercial and used for the Maxville Raceway, an unpaved go-kart track. The land use amendment would change from agriculture-IV to community general commercial to allow commercial development. Companion rezoning Ordinance 2020-5 would change 10.89 acres from agriculture and commercial community/general-1 to commercial community/general-2.

• Ordinance 2020-8, which seeks a small-scale land use amendment for 1.5 acres at 7820 Pritchard Road, between Reason and Taylor Estates lanes. It would change from low-density residential to business park to allow converting a single-family home to office for Lin’s Electrical Inc. Companion rezoning Ordinance 2020-9 would change the zoning from residential low density-60 to industrial business park.

• Ordinance 2020-12, which seeks a small-scale land use amendment for 5.19 acres at Cypress Plaza Drive and Baymeadows Way, near the Cypress Plaza Business Center, east of Philips Highway. It would change from business park to light industrial to allow the expansion of the Wood Resource Recovery LLC business next to the property. Companion rezoning Ordinance 2020-13 would change zoning from PUD to industrial light, which would eliminate the height restrictions of the PUD.

• Ordinance 2020-16, which seeks to rezone 3.99 acres at 13916 Woodland Drive, south of Max Leggett Parkway. It would change from industrial light and a 2008 PUD to PUD to allow a Gate Express Carwash and future commercial and industrial uses on part of the property.

• Ordinance 2020-17, which seeks to rezone 10.19 acres at the end of Coleman Road in Mandarin. It would change from residential rural-acre to PUD to allow a 48-lot single-family subdivision with 40-foot-wide interior lots and 60-foot-wide perimeter lots.

• Ordinance 2020-18, which seeks to rezone 1.48 acres at 2971 Waller St., northwest of Interstate 10 and Willow Branch Avenue. Zoning would change from commercial community/general-1 and a 2008 PUD to PUD to allow the expansion of the One Accord Ministries International Inc. church. Expansion plans comprise a new sanctuary, school, day care and parking.

Land use amendments and rezoning require approval by the City Council Land Use and Zoning Committee and then full Council approval.

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