JBA committee considering CLE on mental health

The Florida Bar and the American Bar Association have made attorney mental health awareness a priority.

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The Jacksonville Bar Association Health & Wellness Committee laid the groundwork for a new member benefit tentatively scheduled for January.

Committee Chair Ed Birk said “we’re just beyond the idea stage,” but discussion has begun regarding a daylong Continuing Legal Education seminar focused on mental health issues.

The Florida Bar and the American Bar Association have made attorney mental health awareness an initiative, but committee members said another issue is client mental health issues and how that can affect their attorney.

The committee agreed it’s a subject that’s rarely addressed, but could be included in the seminar.

“As attorneys, we take on other people’s problems. We have to have an understanding of what they are going through,” said JBA past President Tad Delegal.

“I remember the first time I saw a litigant have a manic episode (in court). It was an eye-opener,” said Circuit Judge Karen Cole.

The committee will consider topics and presenters for the planned seminar. It may be formatted as a morning session and an afternoon session with lunch and a keynote speaker at the intermission. More than one ethics CLE credit may be applied for through The Florida Bar.

The committee agreed it will meet at noon the last Friday of each month at the JBA office on the 22nd floor of Wells Fargo Center.

Hulsey disciplined by Supreme Court

The state Supreme Court ordered former 4th Circuit Judge Mark Hulsey III to be publicly reprimanded by publication in the Southern Reporter.

Hulsey also must complete a professionalism workshop.

The court determined that while a sitting judge, Hulsey failed to ensure that his campaign ads were approved by the endorser in writing, in compliance with election laws.

He also used his judicial assistant to perform personal tasks to the extent that it interfered with her ability to perform her duties, and he used the 4th Judicial Circuit’s business account for personal items.

The court also entered a judgment in favor of The Florida Bar in the amount of $2,586.37 against Hulsey for recovery of costs.

Hulsey resigned from the bench in January 2017 while facing allegations of racism and sexism and possible impeachment by the state House of Representatives and sanction by the Judicial Qualifications Commission.

Hulsey denied doing anything inappropriate or making racist or sexist remarks.

Federal magistrate seeks reappointment

U.S. Magistrate Judge Monte Richardson’s term expires June 1. As required by law, the Middle District of Florida has established a merit selection panel to consider his reappointment to an eight-year term in Jacksonville.

No later than Sept. 14, comments may be submitted by email to [email protected] or by mail to Elizabeth Warren, Clerk of Court, U.S. District Court, Middle District of Florida, Attn: Magistrate Judge Re-appointment, 401 W. Central Blvd., Suite 2100, Orlando 32801-0210.

On the move

Two law firms applied to the city last week for certificates of use to move into office space:

• Campione Law is relocating from 2700 University Blvd. into 3,685 square feet in an office building at 3200 Emerson St.

• West Palm Beach-based Roberts, Reynolds, Bedard & Tuzzio is opening a Jacksonville office in 2,200 square feet of space at 12276 San Jose Blvd.