Duval County Judge Ronald Higbee retiring

The 4th Circuit Judicial Nominating Commission is accepting applications to fill the vacancy.

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Duval County Judge Ronald Higbee, 67, is retiring effective June 30.

Gov. Ron DeSantis has directed the 4th Circuit Judicial Nominating Commission to convene and provide him with qualified nominees for the vacancy.

Duval County Judge Ronald Higbee
Duval County Judge Ronald Higbee

Complete unredacted and redacted applications must be received before 5 p.m. April 23 in PDF form, including a digital photograph, via e-mail to: [email protected]

Additionally, a copy of both the unredacted and redacted applications should be forwarded to:

Courtney Grimm, County Attorney

P.O. Box 1366

Green Cove Springs, FL 32043 

The application form may be downloaded from The Florida Bar’s website at www.floridabar.org or the Office of the Governor at www.flgov.com.

Note that there is a new Judicial Appointment Application Form that must be submitted.

Use of the previous application form, incomplete applications or applications submitted after the deadline will not be considered.

Applicants must meet the qualifications for judges outlined in Article V, Section 8 of the state Constitution. 

Personal information not subject to public disclosure should be redacted on a separate copy of the application as permitted by Section 119.071 of the Florida Statutes.

To assist the commission, all questions on the application must be fully and completely answered. Applications must include current contact information, including email addresses for judges, co-counsel, opposing counsel and references to facilitate the background investigation that will be conducted by the members of the commission. 

All commission proceedings are open to the public except for deliberations after the interviews. Applicants should not expect their application be kept confidential. 

If an applicant is nominated, all materials attached to the original application will be submitted to DeSantis’s office. 

Questions about the application process should be directed to Grimm at (904) 955-8872.