Two 7Brew Drive Thru Coffee shops approved

They are in Beach Haven and in West Jacksonville.

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The city approved permits for Brothers Group Construction Co. to build two 7Brew Drive Thru Coffee shops in Beach Haven and in West Jacksonville.

Both are 510 square feet at construction costs of $425,000.

7Brew will build a kiosk on 0.51 acre at 3264 Gerona Drive E. at a cost of $425,000 at northwest Beach Boulevard and Gerona Drive in the Beach Haven area. The city issued the permit Dec. 5.

On Nov. 30, the city issued a permit for 7 Brew Coffee to build on a 2.1-acre site at 7788 Normandy Blvd. at Normandy Village Parkway.

It also plans a Neptune Beach site at southwest Atlantic Boulevard and Penman Road.

The site says that in addition to coffee options, the shop sells infused energy drinks, Italian sodas, smoothies, shakes, teas and more.

Atlanta-based Geyer Morris Co. is the applicant and owner. Almond Engineering is the agent and civil engineer.