The Mathis Report: Ax throwing, haunted house coming to Regency Court

13th Floor Haunted House and the Jacksonville Axe Throwing Class Axe to open Sept. 28.

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Thirteenth Floor Entertainment Group is investing in two venues in Regency Court Shopping Center in Arlington – a 13th Floor Haunted House and the Jacksonville Axe Throwing Class Axe.

Landlord Mishorim Gold Jacksonville LP says both are expected to open Sept. 28 at the 9230 Arlington Expressway property for both venues. 

Let’s answer this question immediately: Anyone appearing intoxicated won’t be allowed to throw axes.

Those unfamiliar with ax-throwing as a form of fun can check and see that the sport involves competitors throwing at a target, trying to get as close as possible to the bull’s-eye.

The 1½-hour experience involves first learning the safety rules about handling an ax and then competition. Participants will be with an instructor “at all times,” the site says.

The cost is $32, plus an almost $3 processing fee, and corporate rates are available for groups of at least 12.

Thirteenth Floor says the experience is good for corporate team-building, birthday and bachelor and bachelorette parties and for date night.

General Manager Ashley Lallemand said the venue will serve beer only and is not a full-service bar.

Participants must be at least 15 years old to throw an ax and, of course, 21 to drink. They must wear closed-toe shoes. 

Hours will be noon to 6 p.m. Sunday; 11 a.m. - 8:30 p.m. Monday-Thursday; 11 a.m. - 9 p.m. Friday; and 11 a.m. to 10:30 p.m. Saturday.

Thirteenth Floor Entertainment operates Classic Axe venues in Tempe, Arizona; Cincinnati and Cleveland, Ohio; and Dallas and San Antonio.

It lists venues as “coming soon” to Chicago, Denver, Houston, Jacksonville and Nashville.

The seasonal haunted house also is run by Thirteenth Floor, which is based in Denver. 

“Step inside, take a ride, and travel through the 13th floor, visit the current occupants who call it their ‘home,’ witness the oddities and strange occurrences that have created the legend of the 13th floor, and discover why it continues to be one of the world’s greatest mysteries,” says the site.

It calls the house “really scary.”

The venue will be open weekends and some weeknights through Oct. 31. Admission is $19.99 to $33.99, according to the website. 

The site recommends that children be at least 12 years old to enter.

Thirteenth Floor Entertainment also has Halloween venues in Austin, Chicago, Columbus, Denver, Los Angeles, Nashville, Phoenix and San Antonio.

Thirteenth Floor Entertainment also owns the Great Room Escape, but doesn’t list any in Jacksonville.

Back to ax-flinging. says indoor ax throwing has been popular in Canada for more than a decade. 

There also is competitive ax throwing.

According to a May 10 report at, the site for the San Antonio Express-News, “Class Axe’s red flannel-clad staffers show players how to fling a provided ax with a simple two-handed overhead throw, which looks kind like a lumberjack chopping down at an invisible log.”

It reported that players aim at the target a few feet away. “Getting the hatchet to stick anywhere feels like a win because there’s nothing like the primal rush of a sharp, unstoppable force meeting its solid immovable destination,” it said.

Class Axe players are not allowed to throw or retrieve axes without permission and may not hand an ax to another participant, though they may tap ax blades together like boxers tapping gloves, it said.

It reports the typical ax-throwing arenas and target lanes are walled off with heavy chain-link fencing, and trained staff accompany patrons at all times. “And no, you can’t bring your own ax.”