Loctek Ergonomic developing distribution center in North Jacksonville

The ergonomic furniture manufacturer leases space and intends to build an e-commerce fulfillment facility.

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Loctek Ergonomic, which makes work furniture focused on wellness and productivity, has leased a Jacksonville warehouse and plans to build a distribution center in North Jacksonville.

Loctek’s U.S. headquarters is in Livermore, California. The Bloomberg news service says Loctek Ergonomic Technology Corp. is based in China.

Loctek says it has 1,400 jobs and operates factories in China and Vietnam and distribution centers in Livermore, which is near San Francisco, and in Memphis, Tennessee, and Houston.

Loctek Inc. Development Manager Lori Wu said Feb. 11 by email that the company occupies a building at 1350 Tradeport Drive and will build at Faye Road, which is near the JaxPort Blount Island Marine Terminal.

It is expanding into Jacksonville “for e-commerce fulfillment purposes to utilize the Jacksonville ocean port,” Wu said.

A Loctek Ergonomic desk bike.
A Loctek Ergonomic desk bike.

Loctek leases the 102,409-square-foot building at 1350 Tradeport Drive in Jacksonville International Tradeport in North Jacksonville. It applied to the city for a certificate of use for the general warehousing and distribution space.

Loctek applied through its business owner name, Lecangs LLC. It registered Lecangs FL LLC with the Florida Division of Corporations on July 16.

Loctek real estate representative Jeff Collins, a principal of Jacksonville-based Commercial Florida Realty Inc., said Loctek moved into the Tradeport building in December and will lease it until the new structure is built.

JEA received a service availability request for Loctek at 2969 Faye Road.

Collins said Loctek intends to build a 234,000-square-foot warehouse at 2983 Faye Road next to 2969 Faye Road, which is where GE Appliances leases a mega-warehouse.

Pattillo Industrial Real Estate owns the property at both addresses.

Collins said Pattillo would develop a warehouse for Loctek and then sell the 2983 Faye Road property to Lecangs LLC. 

Loctek intends to build a 234,000-square-foot warehouse at 2983 Faye Road. The site is right of the large GE warehouse at center.
Loctek intends to build a 234,000-square-foot warehouse at 2983 Faye Road. The site is right of the large GE warehouse at center.

The 234,000-square-foot warehouse is the first phase. It can be expanded to 360,000 square feet, he said.

“It is a built-to-suit project and (we) expect to finish the building by the end of this year. So it will open Q1 next year,” Wu said.

Pattillo Vice President Peter Anderson had no comment.

Wu said Loctek has 10-15 employees at the Tradeport warehouse and will have 20-30 at Faye Road.

Loctek posted a job opening for a warehouse supervisor in Jacksonville for its Loctek/FlexiSpot brand. The pay is shown as $38,000 to $43,000 a year.

“The key feature for Jacksonville is we’ve got a growing port,” Collins said.

“Once the port starts expanding the services here, you will see more and more products come through.”

Collins said Loctek started its U.S. distribution with the California location and expanded to Memphis, Houston and other locations.

“Jacksonville will be the next significant distribution center,” he said.

Loctek says it designs ergonomic solutions “that help people lead a healthier and more productive life.” 

“At Loctek, we believe there’s a healthier way to work,” its site says. “We’re passionate about transforming the conventional work space into an active environment that supports wellness and productivity.”

It makes sit-stand height-adjustable workstations; monitor mounts; desk bikes; mobile carts with TV, DVD and camera shelves; space management mounts; ergonomic office chairs; and health and fitness accessories.