Data Trends: Tangible personal property tax: A cost of doing business

Nearly $14.8 billion worth of income-producing assets were assessed in 2021 in Duval County.

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In addition to real estate taxes, Duval County collects a tax on tangible personal property.

Tangible personal property is everything other than real estate that is used, usually by a business, to produce income.

That can include machinery, industrial equipment, computers, office furniture and supplies as well as appliances in rental properties.

April 1 is the tangible personal property filing deadline. Notices of proposed tax are mailed in August. Taxes must be paid by Nov. 1 to avoid penalty.

The tax was assessed in 2021 at the 17.5008 millage rate enacted by City Council. The 2022 millage rate will be enacted in October.

The assessed value of tangible personal property in 2021 in the county was nearly $14.8 billion. 

Here are the top 25 businesses in Jacksonville that reported tangible personal property in 2021.  BellSouth Telecommuncations and CSX Transportation Inc. are listed twice because of separate business and reporting locations.